Doorstop Workshop

I’ve only just realised that I never showed you the outcome of the sheep doorstop workshop. It was quite fun to do and I think you’ll agree that the results are very good.


This one dashed off early and so isn’t featured in the flock shot at the end – shame.


Cotswold fleece locks.


Handsome aren’t they?


Not the clearest shot of it’s face but still cute!


They were all still wet at this stage and they fluff up more once they dry.


All very cute and weighted down with beach stones supplied by Sue. Thanks Sue x

Sheep door stop

Last month I made a paper weight as a practice run for this sheep door stop. Popular advice was to give my sheep ears, don’t say I never listen to you.


Looks like a bad hair day on this side as the Cotswold fleece I used was long and wavy. Some sheep look a bit the worse for wear by the time shearing comes round and mine is no exception!


I haven’t modelled this on any particular breed, I just went with what I felt. The main reaspon for the dark legs / base is that it will be on the floor which isn’t known as the cleanest place in the house.


I had great fun doing the face. It’s weighted with stone supplied by Sue and Skye and I’m looking forward to a small flock being created at the workshop this Friday.

Practice run

Before beginning any large project it’s worth doing a practice run or sampler. I intend to make a large sheep shaped door stop so making a smaller version that could act as a paper weight seemed a good idea. First the resist.


The silhouette looked good so I began the laying out. The black for the legs is black Shetland and the body is White Welsh.


It really needs some texture don’t you think? These Blue Faced Leicester curls are the perfect scale for smaller items, I have some Cotswold fleece I’m keeping for the larger version.


Once it was off the resist and beginning to shrink I decided to add a few facial details. I’m not entirely sure that trying to needle on eyes and mouth on wet wool whilst standing up was a good idea. Definitely not one to repeat unless I want a crazed or cartoon type face on the larger door stop.


The shape has worked out very well so all I need is a larger version for the door stop. I would change the ‘legs’ section of the resist to make it much deeper. The extra depth would allow for the fact that it needs a large area to stand on to keep it stable. It will of course be weighted but a stable base is essential.

I didn’t add ears but I’m not sure it needs it, what do you think?