For weeks now I’ve wanted to visit the coast and we’ve been prevented in doing so by all manner of irritating events until last Saturday that is. We were up early, our teenager had other plans (sleeping later, boyfriend, friend) and so with a whole day to ourselves we set off at 7.30am. As it’s quicker to reach the west coast we went west to Blackpool.

Last time we visited there we parked at Lytham and cycled up the sea front. Arriving at 9am we found a spot on a quiet side street and set off in search of breakfast.What we really needed was a small fiendly steamy cafe with hot food. The first cafe we came to failed on the friendly front but we quickly came across a second that more than made up for the first. It was warm, steamy, good grub and we had a lively conversation with the owners. They make Simon and I look like layabouts as they run the cafe 7 days a week with just the 2 of them and have no days off from Easter until November!

Suitably fortified we set off north up the prom. Oh my goodness it was windy, one of those days where if the wind drops slightly you feel yourself move faster as the resistance has been removed and it was cold, very cold but with a heart warming sunny blue sky. Photos? No, sorry, left the camera in the car by mistake.

Not having visited Fleetwood for nigh on 40 years we decided to catch the tram up and take a look around. We thought about walking all the way back down to the car at the South Pier but after a twenty minutes march we thought it was perhaps over ambitious and we caught the tram back to Clevelys heading straight onto the beach.

We hadn’t been on the beach a minute when I started spotting driftwood. No wanting to carry it all the way back I took note of the spot so we could come back later with the car and collect it. A few yards further on we came across this.


Simon could only just lift it, it’s quite a size and was very heavy with sea water. I got the wanties, Simon liked it too so we again took note of where to find it and continued with our walk. For most of the walk we were the only people on the beach, passing just one or two dog walkers. The sun shone, the wind pushed us from behind and the road was so far above us that we couldn’t hear any road noise just the sound of the crashing waves and the wind.

We were so glad we hadn’t tried to walk back from Fleetwood, even the shortened journey took 2 hours and we’d already done a considerable amount of walking prior to that. By the time we reached the car we were convinced we had blisters and our legs were feeling the strain. No time to dally though we had driftwood to collect.


Rushing straight back to the beach we headed for the larger piece first and Simon manfully carried it off the beach, up the steps and along the road to the car without even swearing. I carried the piece you see below. Well, I did try to help with the larger piece, honest but he wouldn’t hear of it.

After this we finally went in search of lunch, it was 3pm, oops!


It looks different from each angle. These aren’t the best photos to show it off but until it dries out and the weight lightens I can’t move it for a photoshoot. Originally I’d thought this might go in the garden but I’m actually quite fancying having this in the house once it’s dry. Now all there is left to do is clean out the boot of the car, he might not have sworn whilst carrying the wood but he was quite distressed at the state of his car boot afterwards. He indulged me anyway, must be love.

Boxing Day creativity

A portion of my Boxing Day was spent in the newly de-cluttered workroom playing with driftwood. I thought the handles needed a little extra around in the room. This may not last once the days grow lighter but it’s currently brightening a gloomy corner and I had fun making it. The wood is in a glass vase which tended to keep falling over so I weighted it with beach glass. Can’t tell you how happy it makes me to use up more of my beach finds, it shows I was right to bring it all home if I can use it.


I also fancied making some kind of structure from the driftwood. It’s worked out reasonably well and as I have a glass in the centre I could put some lights into that too. It’s quite pleasant to look at butI’m not sure I’ll keep it


Having the time to just play was actually the best part.