Mr Poo Smurf, for so the family insist on calling him came to visit yesterday. We looked high and low before we caught a glimpse of him.

He was hiding behind a bush. Was he shy or did the fact he has only one eye mean he couldn’t see where he was going? We stood and waited quietly until M.Poo Smurf showed himself.

Why what big feet he has! A sudden appearance by one of the cats and Mr Poo Smurf went into hiding. Was he behind the bush? No. Was he hiding round the corner? No. Can you see Mr Poo Smurf?

There he is, hiding in the plantpot. This time we managed to introduce ourselves before he ran away and hid again.Mr Poo Smurf didn’t like being on the ground with cats around so he sat on the edge of the planter.

When we left he was looking very much at home sat sunning himself in a quiet corner. I wonder if he’ll visit again?

Mr Poo Smurf has been a fun figure to make, although I am slightly worried about my imagination! If you’d like to make your own visitor then why not come along to the 3D figures workshop on Saturday 6th November.

3D Figures

I don’t do a lot of needle felting as it tends to set off my repetitive strain injury which is never helped by the fact that I get obsessional about needle felting. I know it can be done over several days but I always end up needling away for hours because I can’t bear to stop before it’s finished. My latest project is probably my best and I thought I’d share a few examples with you.

The bird shapes are nice to create but I most enjoyed needling the pattern onto the black one – that was fun. I made Neptune ages ago and thought he needed a mate so here’s my new mermaid.

The size isn’t right is it? perhaps I should have looked at Neptune before I began the mermaid but never mind she has a certain charm. Overall I think I’m most pleased with my latest project.

She’s been named the old crone by the family and we think she’s lovely. I couldn’t get the hands as I wanted them so I gave her an apple and a stick to take attention elsewhere. Methinks she needs some company – any ideas? It’s much easier to do features on larger dolls. Can you guess what this doll is based around? – a leftover yarn cone. Good use of materials eh? For anyone fancying a go at a needle felted figure I have a workshop on Saturday 6th November and there are still spaces left.