Oh my …….

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting very often but I didn’t mean this infrequently! So much has been going that I don’t think I can even remember it all to tell you so here are a few edited highlights.

Our daughter Charlotte graduated from Falmouth University. We’re so proud of her and it was a memorable occasion, a really nice sunny day with a carousel!

We visited Helsinki on holiday and stumbled across a felt exhibition!

I’ve been playing with indigo and rust.

Next I will have to combine the two but in the meantime I’ve also been playing around with a felt pot that I made some time ago. I don’t know why I was dissatisfied but I really just wanted to add more to it. What do you think now?

I’m also a great aunt for the fourth time. I have of course crocheted another baby blanket. It looks a simple pattern and it is a simple pattern yet I had trouble keeping it on track and had to keep making adjustments. Oh well, the baby won’t mind any imperfections.

It’s a dyeing day

I love the effect of hand dyeing but I can’t honestly say that I really enjoy the process itself. It usually starts out all right but before I finish I find myself wishing I’d never begun. Today is different, this is all I’m doing and it’s been blessedly short in the doing.

The autumn orange colours are for a project I’ll tell you about in Autumn, I know, crazy huh? Me working so far in advance!

Dyeing to …..

Dyeing to use this BFl fleece that I’ve been dyeing up but it’s destined for Adelaide Walker. πŸ™

Dyeing to ….

At the last Metaphor meeting we did a spot of dyeing using fibre reactive dyes on cotton, silk, scrim, hessian and cotton/synthetic mixes.


Bearing in mind that the next item I make will be under the theme of Midsummer Night’s Dream, I chose woodland colours. I’m thinking forest, tree bark, lichens, can you see it?


I’ve been carding wool in mixes of greens and browns and will show you the pot as it develops – there’ll be more to it than just the felting.