Oh no, not again!

I can be such a drip. Five out of six of the schools wallhangings are now complete and I’ve even returned three of them to the schools for a few weeks before the exhibition. But, I can’t believe it, I’ve forgotten to take photos of them all! I was so busy worrying about finishing and returning them that two have been returned before I’ve photographed them. The only saving grace is that I will get them back later this month and will be able to take photos then. I really must try harder to remember the photography.

June has been an incredibly busy month with two weeks of it seeing me teach every day. It was such a boon to have good weather so that I could dry the equipment each night before repacking it. I don’t know how I’d have managed otherwise. It’s taken me a whole day just to tidy things away so that I could do some felting. The piece below was started at the weekend and finished yesterday.

After all the schools work there were oddments of colours and damaged fibres so I carded them together to make this hanging. The colour theme for this year’s Felt United is yellow, green, blue and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. My daughter thinks it looks like sea and the beach and even my husband likes it. I designed it with yellow at the top but it could be hung either way or even used as a table runner. I’m contemplating whether to make more like this in other colours. Not sure if they’ll sell, what do you think?

Hubby has also been very busy in the garden witrh some assistance from yours truly. We now have a brand new trellis fence and bench. They look great and he’s now moved on to repairing the old fence which has meant a lot of digging out of old concrete, sweat and a ittle bad language. My contribution was to hang a piece of felt against the garage wall.

It’s on a north facing wall so we shall see how it ages in comparison to the one hanging on a south facing wall. The top half of the garage is a little bare at the moment so it also gives me something to look at. The weather has broken and we’ve had lots of rain, I wonder if they’ll stretch when the fibres are soaking wet?