Who likes net curtains?

I really don’t like net curtains but it’s essential for the sake of decency, to have something in our toilet. Surprising really that, not liking it, I’ve actually had the same net curtain up for ten years (I do wash it!) One of my many beach finds was a number of mussel shells and it was the lovely blue colour of the shells that inspired me to make a felt curtain and eradicate the net forever.

I began by trying to drill holes into the shells so that I could attach them to the finished curtain. All the small shells shattered but I successfully drilled into the larger ones which were surprisingly tough. I didn’t have a special drill bit, I just used the smallest one I could find. My idea was to create a curtain with shells hanging from the top, some colour of the mussels in the felt and mussel shell shapes cut into the bottom of the curtain for added detail.

Cobweb felt is traditionally made using just one layer of fibre. As I needed to make sure no holes appeared in the felt I decided to make a very fine felt using two layers of fibre. The shells would be quite heavy on such a fine felt so I made an extra strip of three layers for the top from which to hang the shells.

The main colour is obviously white with added splashes of blue silk fibres and ramie fibres for extra shine plus wool pebbles and curly kid mohair for texture. I cut the shapes into the bottom of the curtain when it was finished. If I’d cut them out earlier I think they would probably have been distorted during felting due to the fineness of the felt and the number of holes.

I’m really pleased with this curtain but still surprised every time I see it, I’m still expecting to see the net. Both my daughter and husband have said how much they like it so it’s a winner all round. Now I just need an idea for the other toilet and the net will be banished forever.