Christmas greenery

My daughter and I had a couple of friends round yesterday and made a valiant attempt at some greenery for the festive season. The decoration below is residing in my living room and is on a round glass plate. I was so pleased not to have centered the candle. It’s a little heavy but I’m happy to live with it. Very little colour in it you’ll notice – it’s all about the greenery this year.

First attempt at a wrapped sray was last year when it all fell on the floor whenever I attmpted to hang it up. This year I used a spray holder with much greater success. I’m really quite chuffed at how this one has turned out.

We have a couple of candles on the mantelpiece and I sometimes worry about the naked flame near the wallpaper so decided lanterns would be a good idea. I like curvy storm lanterns but most are too large for our narrow space but then I spotted some ridiculously over sized wine glasses in the charity shop. If you ignore the stem the shape is a curvy storm lantern.

My first ever garland. It’s worked very well and it’s all down to the advice from good friend Kate – thanks Kate

New design

My friend Kate was naughty recently when she kept her birthday secret but I decided to make her a belated birthday present anyway. Kate is a keen and talented gardener and after seeing photos of the garden on her blog I decided to use that for my inspiration.

I thought it was also an opportunity to try out a new design idea for a neck warmer or short scarf. I carded together yellow, blue and green fibres which I laid out over white silk chiffon. Between the silk chiffon and the fibres I trapped a number of flowers. The flowers are the recycling element which I know Kate will apprecate as they came from an old net curtain. I spent hours one weekend (to bewildered looks from Hubby) cutting out all the flowers before I threw the remainder away as it was damaged.

The scarf is floral on one side and coloured on the other. I was hoping Kate would be pleased with her pressie but I needn’t have worried for she seemed delighted when I handed it over.

I’m now left wondering whether to make more in this style. The floral theme with the recycling element appeals to me but I’m not sure if it would be everyones cup of tea. Thoughts?