Flower workshop

This was the most wonderful workshop due entirely to the wonderful people who came along to it. We had a ball and Heather graciously didn’t take offence when I called her wet! Serious amounts of laughter and some fabulous bright flowers made.


Brown and blue by Heather, orange by Jeni and pink by Sue. Heather’s really came alive when she added the contrasting stamens and all the the little spiky bits are to die for..


This time we began with pre-felt to make these pretty layered little flowers. Yellow by Sue, purple by Jeni and Green by Heather.


We used a resist to create these stunning 2 layered flowers and the stems are wired. Pink by Jeni, red/yellow by Sue and pink/white by Heather. Jeni has been busy beading her flowers so I just had to show you this.


I love the exuberance of of all those beads. Now I really must get off and book up some workshops for Autumn that way I get to work with more lovely workshop visitors.

A gift

I’ve made a lot of flowers recently but still wanted to make one more but as a gift this time. In my head I had visions of palest pink with many petals so was quite surprised to find myself laying out fibre in purples and oranges. I should have just gone with the idea but took a look through my stash of dyed fibres and was distracted.

I laid out a Merino/Silk blend followed by a layer of purple and then a carded layer of purple, blue, orange and red. It didn’t feel right that the back of the petals should be plain. Over half of the fibre I laid some red and blue striped crystal organza and then turned it into a pre-felt.


Laying the pre-felt aside I felted a multi green stem in which I put wire to keep it very stiff. This will be part of a bouquet which may be stood in a vase. I then cut out 3 circles of pre-felt and attached them together with the stem.


Although it’s a little dark I am pleased with the finished flower and the blended colours.


The blue in the organza shows up very well in the sun and adds a little sheen across the inner petals. There’s no fabric on the back layer of petals.


Against all that lovely blue it just had to be orange beads for the centre.


It’s not yet quite dry but it will be by the time I hand it over. Whilst making this I made another one as a brooch which will be in my shop very soon.

Flower workshop

I don’t know where my mind was on Saturday morning but I forgot at least three things that I needed for the workshop. My apologies to Hubby who dug me out of trouble and my thanks to the ladies who soldiered on until supplies turned up. I even forgot my camera so many thanks to Rachel and Rachel for these photos.

We worked on freestyle organically shaped flowers and more controlled shapes. There were some unusual colour combinations which I think worked really well too. Below are examples of the flowers beaded up plus one which Rachel was inspired to make when she returned home and is made using Herdwick wool. Great stuff ladies.

Rachel N was also kind enough to send me the following feedback “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a wonderful day on Saturday! I had a great time and learnt a lot! I made another flower on Saturday evening after I had got home from the workshop day! Then yesterday, I beaded up some of the ones I had made on the workshop – I think I may have caught the bug!

I enjoyed your teaching style as you took it a step at a time, and let us a do a bit and then show us the next step and I appreciated that way of learning.  Your gingerbreads were delicious too!”

I am such a happy bunny after this feedback 🙂 – thank you!