Off to new homes

Thought I’d show you these few items before they go off to new homes.
This is natural grey Merino wool with silk fibres.

Deep purple and crocus coloured Merino

I did call this one Bark and you can barely see where the brooch ends and the table begins.
Loving all the copper coloured glass beads.

 I think this one is my favourite colour and I’m very pleased to have used some of
the rug wool which I rescued from a skip and dyed.

A very floral week

It’s just so happened that I’ve taught felt flower making twice this week and thoroughly enjoyed both sessions. The first was to a textile group over near Ripon, they hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks so there was lots of catching up, teasing, laughter and of course, flower making. There are so many flowers that I’ve had to pick the best photos to show you. No refelction on the actual flowers, just on my photography.

The second group, today, was one of my monthly workshops across at Bradley near Skipton. We’ve had a really good day, not as much laughter as earlier in the week as most had never met before and they were a most studious and prolific group!  To see the progression in one day from complete novice/first time flower maker to creating specific flower shapes and understanding the subtleties of colour in felt making has been amazing.

We had tea/coffee delivered to the tables,absolutely no chance to slack and there was a kind of possessed frenzy after lunch as people succumbed to the felting bug. There’s no hope for them now but at least it’s fun.

Flower Workshop

We had a very productive day yesterday and great fun with the flowers. So many were made that I’ve just chosen the best photos to show the flowers off.

Would you believe that three of the people have never made felt before? It’s true and everyone did so well with the flowers that I’d be proud to wear any of them. Brilliant day.

Flower workshop

It’s a few days since the actual workshop but this has been my first opportunity to show you what we made.

I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ll look fabulous with beaded centres and attached to bags, hats or coats. We used different techniques to make the flowers and included some fabrics and threads to give extra texture and detail. The key to achieving specific shapes without the need for excessive cutting is to be careful with how you lay your fibres out. The final two flowers are examples of a technique of multi layered flowers without the need for stitching the layers together.

There’s one which is destined to take a part in Halloween celebrations, I’ll let you work out which one. Although it’s not a flower you can see the same technique was applied to making the brown leaf which I think is lovely. What a talented bunch they were.


I’ve been lucky enough to have Kerry come along to a couple of workshops, a very cheerful, positive lady. The last time we spoke Kerry had agreed to make a felt flower bouquet for her sister’s wedding and was seeking guidance on how to go about some of the flower shapes. Well I think she’s done a fantastic job and I’m chuffed to bits that Kerry and her sister Jackie have kindly given permission for me to show you these photos.

When Kerry said she was making a bouquet I expected something more modest and I think you’ll agree this extravaganza is wonderful ,and what a fantastic reminder of the day for her sister Jackie. It just goes to show what you can achieve with the right motivation. Well done Kerry and congratulations Jackie.

Good shot

We’ve had some lovely sunny days this week so when she came home from school my daughter was inspired to play with the camera in the garden. Often she takes shots of flowers but this time she really used her imagination and took shots: from different angles, of different materials and looking through items to flowers beyond. Not all of them worked but here for your pleasure are my four favourites.