Freeform Crochet

I took up crochet again about two years ago and a chance encounter with a book in the library introduced me to freeform crochet. This is exactly what it says it is, crochet done without a pattern and freeformed to be pleasing to the eye. It looks so fantastic that I really wanted to have a go but just didn’t get around to doing much about it and didn’t get very far on my own. My work often contains pieces of crochet but they’re always produced to a pattern and I like the idea of something unique.

I forgot about the freeform for a while then I came across the site of Prudence Mapstone and this crocheted reef. My interest was sparked again and as Prudence was running a workshop in this country I decided to go along.

Wow – that’s what I thought when I walked in. On every surface was crochet and knit in every colour imaginable. I was like a child in a sweetshop, I wanted them all but didn’t know which to try first. Below are a few images re-produced with the kind permission of Prudence.


The photos don’t do them justice. They are incredible works of art produced using a combination of knit and crochet and they’re 3D as well as 2D. Once I got going it was easier than I thought to create my own form but Oh, the decisions! Which colour? Which yarn? Knit or crochet? Which stitch? 2D or 3D? I found the day quite tiring but very good fun and it was a lovely bunch of people there too.

firstscrumbleYou can see my first scrumble to the right. It’s not a lot for a whole day of effort is it? I’m obviously a slow worker. Interestingly, I didn’t much care for this when I’d finished it but when I got up the next morning I found it had grown on me. When I have the time I will continue to play with this form of crochet and I think you can look forward to seeing some of it appear in my work.

If you’re really interested there are lots of sites and groups on the internet for crochet and knit. One of the best known is Ravelry an online community for knit and crochet. Plus you really should take a look at this sculptural crochet, talk about 3D.