In August we had a day trip out to the Burnley area beginning with a visit to the singing ringing tree panopticon at Crown Point.

The blurb states “Constructed from pipes of galvanised steel stacked in layers, this Panopticon takes the form of a tree bending to the winds and harnesses the energy of those winds to produce a low, tuneful song.”

It was very breezy and very cool up there but you do get a wonderful view. I’d have to say it sounded quite mournful to me but we were refreshed by the breeze.

Following on from this we visited Gawthorpe Hall.  Quite a small NT property but one of the main reasons I wanted to visit was the textiles.


The Gawthorpe Textile Collection showcases  intricate needlework, lace and costume amassed by Rachel Kay Shuttleworth as well as contemporary pieces from talented artists across the region.The exhibition isn’t large enough to travel a vast distance for but was good to take in whilst we were in the area.