Felt picture workshops

I’ve run a couple of picture workshops from my home studio in the last ten days and I have to say that people have produced some beautiful work.

The first piece from Margaret was inspired by Hockney and is clean, colourful and well executed. The second is a leaf and I think Judith was very brave to have a go at giving it a 3D element and also very successful.

The moor landscape by Rose was her first piece of felt, didn’t she do well. The impressionist feel suits felt making very well. This final one has absolutely grogeous colours and Mary worked extremely hard to get the lines and colours right. I think it’s stunning. There were more but as usual I was so busy admiring, discussing and saying goodbye that I forgot to take photos. You know who you are, it would be nice if you could send me a photo of your work as they all deserve to be seen here. It’s been a privilege to work with these two groups and I’m looking forward to the flower workshop today.

Thanks for sending this picture in Anne. This cushion panel was inspired by a picture and the recycled plastic fibres have made great sheep. Another success.

Lucky me!

I;m so lucky. Today I received two more pieces from my lovely friend Tracy. I’m not sure where Tracy has found the time but I’m so glad she has.

They’re very well made and have lovely beads hanging from the point. I think it’s time I went and got something to start stitching them all together. 🙂

Happy bunting

Not sure if the bunting is actually happy (although it’s not complaining) but it certainly makes me happy to receive more. The two beautiful flags below are courtesy of Kim in the Netherlands who is incredibly busy herself and still found time to help me out. Thanks Kim.

I particularly like the embroidery on the red flag. Kim has embedded some bling into the felt and then cut back to reveal it at the end. The metal scrollwork in the red one is a nice touch too. Below are three more from me which have been made from my felt stash and then I’ve added bling with sewing and sequins to the purple ones but the blue had the bits added during felting.

My total is doing really well as I’m now at 42 – more than two thirds of the way there. With such a boost from other people the target of sixty flags now looks achievable 🙂


Not only did Sheila send three flags for my daughter’s bunting she was also very kind and sent me one of her doodles. I’ve admired Sheila’s doodles for some time, she’s very talented and I think her doodles would sell. The one below is now all mine and will be mounted and take pride of place in my newly decorated bedroom.

It’s inspired me and my daughter to have a go as well. This first one is mine, only black and white I’m afraid.

The next three are all from my daughter who seems to have something of a new obsession.

With each design her patterns have become bolder, they have a real contemporary feel. I think I may just have to frame these three. Also, I’m thinking perhaps doodled Christmas cards might be nice.

New design

My friend Kate was naughty recently when she kept her birthday secret but I decided to make her a belated birthday present anyway. Kate is a keen and talented gardener and after seeing photos of the garden on her blog I decided to use that for my inspiration.

I thought it was also an opportunity to try out a new design idea for a neck warmer or short scarf. I carded together yellow, blue and green fibres which I laid out over white silk chiffon. Between the silk chiffon and the fibres I trapped a number of flowers. The flowers are the recycling element which I know Kate will apprecate as they came from an old net curtain. I spent hours one weekend (to bewildered looks from Hubby) cutting out all the flowers before I threw the remainder away as it was damaged.

The scarf is floral on one side and coloured on the other. I was hoping Kate would be pleased with her pressie but I needn’t have worried for she seemed delighted when I handed it over.

I’m now left wondering whether to make more in this style. The floral theme with the recycling element appeals to me but I’m not sure if it would be everyones cup of tea. Thoughts?

Summer rug making workshop

It doesn’t seem a year since my last felt rug workshop, the time has flown by. The weather has been fantastic for us and we managed to do quite a lot of the work outside once the wool was wet. Each rug began with what most people think is the best part of rug making, laying out the design. For those who did double sided rugs this began and ended with a pattern. Each rug looked gorgeous and fluffy like the one below.

Then of course we had to begin working on them. After wetting the fibres, we rubbed to set the design then began the rolling. We rolled with hands, with feet and with ropes. After this we beat the rug with stones and my special tamper tool,which my husband had to repair after day one thanks to Demolition Debs, just kidding Debs. Not content with that we also walked on it to compress it.

So it was lots of work, lots of water, lots of good company and lot and lots of sunshine. Here’s how they all turned out.

They are fantastic and you wouldn’t believe that two of the creators are novice felt makers. We also wrote a communal toast to our rugs.

May it tickle my toes gently

May it bring sunshiney memories

May mother and daughter share it happily

May the cat love it not scratch it

May it fit by the side of the bed

May it last many years

Margaret has been kind enough to send me the following feedback and picture. ” My rug has been safely delivered to the Relax-U massage room. My friend Lynne was delighted, the colours were perfect and she loved the design. We are going to put a plaque on the wall to describe what wools it is made of, and we thought a felt rug was very appropriate for a massage room as both involve heat and movement. Lynne gave me a free massage as she was so pleased, and it did indeed tickle my toes gently – it is so soft. Haven’t had so much fun giving a present in ages – or been so exhausted producing it!”

Some of the pictures are courtesy of Jennifer who also had this to say “Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I learnt a lot as usual and also really enjoyed myself.” Our novice felt makers survived and were also happy, “Thank you for an absolutely brilliant weekend. I really enjoyed it (I know Debs did too), and we learnt an awful lot, both being absolute beginners. My hubby (and the neighbours) are very impressed with my rug which was hung outside in the garden to continue drying when I got home. I’m sure we’ll be back for more”

Thanks for a great weekend ladies


I’ve been lucky enough to have Kerry come along to a couple of workshops, a very cheerful, positive lady. The last time we spoke Kerry had agreed to make a felt flower bouquet for her sister’s wedding and was seeking guidance on how to go about some of the flower shapes. Well I think she’s done a fantastic job and I’m chuffed to bits that Kerry and her sister Jackie have kindly given permission for me to show you these photos.

When Kerry said she was making a bouquet I expected something more modest and I think you’ll agree this extravaganza is wonderful ,and what a fantastic reminder of the day for her sister Jackie. It just goes to show what you can achieve with the right motivation. Well done Kerry and congratulations Jackie.

Felting a tree

You may remember me rambling on about items I find when out walking and I did mention some pine cones I’d found. In addition, I came across some mini cones and these have inspired me to make a tree picture. Ages ago I’d made two of the felted tails below to go in a project and then changed my mind and put them in my bit bag. I thought they’d make the perfect basis for the tree.

Continuing the recycling theme I carded the fibres from my bit bag, using up all the old greens with a little purple, brown and grey added. I was thinking about heather moors when I was doing this. You can see that I’ve chopped the tails up and rearranged them to make the tree.

You can see that in order to join the bits of tree together you need to cut on an angle to enable you to fit them together with no gaps. I’ve joined them quite crudely as I’ll be covering the tree with some more fibres and you won’t see stitching or joins. I had the idea of adding more low relief at the bottom of the picture and chopped up other discarded felt rolls and felt balls which I embedded in the middle of the fibres. You won’t see them but they will give the impression of boulders under the grass.

I carded different browns, grey, black, purple and green fibres to cover the tree. I allowed the original colour to show through in places as I think it adds to the depth. You can see that I’ve also gone over the whole tree with a felting needle to make sure that I really got the definition I was after. I then wet felted again.

The cones are attached by a few couching stitches. As they’re quite brittle and therefore fragile I don’t think they’ll last for ever on this piece but it’ll still look good long after they’ve gone. It’s strange, I wasn’t expecting to like this tree so much but it’s one of the items I like most in my recent work.

Updated gallery

I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while, but this weekend finally saw me add some new photos to my gallery pages (courtesy of my husband changing the way it worked). One or two people had asked me if Neptune was just head and shoulders but as you’ll be able to see, he’s a full figure merman. I’ve also added some new pieces into the gallery and thanks to the changes my husband has made I have the capability to add lots more photos. So I now have no excuse for not showing my recent work and will do regular updates to the gallery.