Photography session

What do you do on a wet Sunday afternoon? Well, in this house it was a photography session. Hubby’s friend D was visiting, they’re both keen photographers and I’ve made lots of felt ready for my sale this evening. Wet weather, two photographers, a set of studio lights and some felt, it was a match made in heaven.

Here they are jammed into what felt like a small space in our kitchen. So many legs from tripods, lights, humans and cats that it’s a wonder we didn’t knock anything over. It’s the first time I’ve felt sorry for my felt, it seemed it was under scrutiny from the paparazzi.

Now, they’ve taken some wonderful photos of scarves, bags, cushions, books and brooches but I haven’t had time to sort them yet, so I’m sorry but you’ll have to make do with this poor contribution from me.

It’s my last three hearts made up. I just need to finish my last notebook cover and set up for tonight. I hope to have time tomorrow to show you much more of my latest work.