Winter landscapes

I’ve had a fast and furious hour this morning where I’ve taught felt picture making at Moorfield School in Ilkley, our theme was winter landscapes.

Didn’t they do well? (How very Brucie of me!) So much fun but an hour goes by in a flash. As I entered the school I spotted the felt tree of life, which I created last year with the upper sixth, framed and hung in pride of place in the dining hall over the fireplace.

I only had a moment for the photo and sadly couldn’t find an angle where a light wasn’t reflected in the glass. Made me feel quite proud to see it displayed so prominently.



I’ve really enjoyed playing with poppies over the last few months and so I thought I’d show you my latest offering.


The background is a small square of Swaledale fibres which I’ve hand dyed and felted. The poppies were needle felted on top.


I’ve added a few extra colours to the background at the bottom. Very pleased with this small picture.

Miniature landscapes

Whilst on holiday I had a go at meedle felting miniature landscapes. Working small and portraying landscapes is not my usual kind of work so it was more for the challenge and portability than anything else that I attempted it. This first is okay but for some reason I’m not greatly taken with. I think the the bands are a little too solid.


The next was a study attempting to portray the landscape in terms of colour with little shaping. Quite liking this.


I enjoyed making the one below with the sheep being a later addition. Lovely colours.


The next isn’t showing quite as well in the photo as I’d hoped. i think the hills are the best part of it.


This final one is very pale and yet it has become my favourite mainly because of the colours.


I did better than I expected and it was more fun then I anticipated but I don’t ever see it becoming the focus of my work but who knows, I may dabble from time to time.