Market art

I don’t know about you but I do love the hustle and bustle of a market and the visual feast! So you can imagine how much I enjoyed a visit to Borough Market.

The stallholders take so much time and pride in displaying their wares to the best advantage.


See how fantastic it looks in it’s lines of colour, texture, shape.


I wanted to buy all these tomatoes, so lush, so many colours.


A most delightful display of salad leaves and radishes, looks soft enought to dive in!


Mixing the colours of the cauliflowers somehow elevates even the common white one. These kinds of diaplys so make me want touch, all that texture.


I could have bought this cheese just for the colour – I did buy this cheese just for the colour, it was delicious.


Such attractive displays, my purse is eceedingly happy that we don’t live near to this extravaganza.


Isn’t this a brilliant re-use of packing crates to create an outdoor seating area?


We moved on to Camden where it was so busy it was difficult to take photos but I just had to have one of this shop selling gorgeous glass moroccan style lights. Why do I have just one ceiling light in my living room when I could have so many more!!