Catch up five

The final two pictures that I created for the start of Ilkley Art Trail which finished Sunday last. These two came entirely from imagination and I had fun. I love the colours of this bird, both the background and the bird colour.

Followed by my favourite character.

In both pictures I wet felted the background and added the figures using needle felting techniques.


Some days you just get more help than is needed or wanted!

I only left the room for a minute and this is what I found on my return. It can’t have been comfortable, he was sat on the felting needle. I was just having a play before tomorrows workshop.

I’ve also unpicked the alpaca seat pad and had another go – much more satisfactory.

A few needlefelted brooch pieces from scrap felt. Well, I had to do something to keep my poorly teenager occupied.

Reject? – Not any more

A little while ago I was busy making felt Marsh Harriers for a commission. The black bird below was a prototype to allow me to assess the shape and how well the finished item would stand up to the proposed educational use.

I thought it seemed a shame to hide it at the back of a cupboard and had the bright idea of recycling it into a decorated bird. As I’d already wet felted it there was no chance of adding more fibres on that way so I have been busy with needlefelting.

I’ve really enjoyed playing with it. The lines of pink I adore and over all it has something of an indian influence I think. When I have more time it needs to be mounted or hung so it can be admired from all angles. There are still two more rejects to play with but it may be some time before I get to them.