Leeds Light Night

One of the benefits of darker evenings is the opportunity to go to events like Light Night in Leeds. It’s a completely free event with stuff happening all over the city and lots of people joining in too. We saw cyclists bedecked in lights and lot and lots of joggers in neon and carrying lights as they toured the events.

Images were projected onto three public buildings, the Queens Hotel, the Town Hall and the Civic Hall. My favourite was the Queens Hotel wich is an art deco style building and all the images projected were competely appropriate to the building and it’s age. Cocktails, pianos, luggage, food and even trains running across! but my favourite image is the one below.

Where there were art installations, like the giant angle poise lamps on Briggate, street lights had been switched off so there’d be more impact. My favourite part of the entertainment was the drumming band in the Leeds West Indian Carnival. Superb.

Their makeup was great, their lights changed through red, white and green, they moved in unison and even had dry ice.

It was great fun and if you fancy seeing it for yourself it’s on again tonight, Friday 6th October and it’s all completely free. If you’d like to see more of my photos you can see them here.