Not much is the answer

Remember I asked what should be on the front of this?

Elizabeth had good ideas but I really didn’t want to lose the beard, I liked it. I tried stitching wavy lines on but they didn’t work so I removed them. Then, I started a line and it turned into a heart with patterns inside but I knew even whilst I was sewing it that it just wasn’t working for me so that too was removed. Thoughtful pause …….. what was it again that Elizabeth said?

A fastening! I tried this small metal button and for some reason it just made me think – door. I liked it but not as much as these three.

Now I’m thinking cuff. Much as it hurt, I tucked the beard under to see what it looked like clean shaven and I’m afraid the beard just had to go.

So, I’ve removed the beard and stitched on the buttons and the answer to what should be on the front was, not much. There’s a small pile of discarded curls by my side which I can’t bear to throw away so they’ll live to felt another day.

What should be on the front?

I’ve made this small note book cover in Norwegian wool with a Wensleydale beard. Hubby doesn’t like the beard ‘too impractical’ but I do like it. Do you?

Helped again!  Not really, this time he was actually trying to distract me as he wanted my attention and kept rubbing himself against my hand as I tried to take photos. Below is what I wanted to show you.

The problem is that the front seems a little too blank and I can’t decide what to put on it. Initially I appliqued a sheep on but it wasn’t right and I cut it off but it does need and deserve something. I’m toying with the the idea of a heart but am also considering a fluid curly(ish) abstract design in stitch and beads. Any opinions or other  suggestions?

Something a bit different?

This seems like something different to what I normally produce but perhaps you won’t think so. Inspired by the glass and rusty nail ring I made two days ago, I thought it time to get on and use this rusty heart which has been awaiting my attention for Oh so long!

Originally it was intended to hold fat balls for the birds but the wind was always ripping it off the tree, I tired of hunting for it in the shrubs and set it aside to do something with. It’s been set aside for about a year but yesterday was the day I had an idea. I’ve lots of felt balls (waiting!), a rusty bell garland (also waiting! it was a new year bargain), a surplus bird (waiting! it was a sample from a commission), some newly died rug yarn and some leftover Teeswater curls.

I cut up the garland and hung it from the heart doubling the overall length. Somehow, just doing that makes it feel more of a statement art piece. Rust is orange / brown in colour so looks perfect with blue and I had some turquoise blue rug yarn. Silently thanking Yvonne for the suggestion to put some weaving in the heart, I used the rug yarn to warp up the shoulders and then wove the Teeswater curls through it. A few curls were tied on but I haven’t made the weaving solid as I want it to have holes and texture. Not sure if I should add some yarns through here, too just to give even more texture – opinions?

The bird was way too brown so I sat and couched on a fancy yarn in turquoise in my favourite flowing scroll shapes. Blue cap, throat and eyes completed the bird which I then needed to attach to the heart. The bird is too solid to push the spike into so I covered the spike base with an unfinished brooch layer (yes, it was waiting!), glued on some balls to cover the spike and glued the bird to the balls. Sort of looks like it’s on a nest of blue eggs doesn’t it?

I attached three blue balls to the bells below the heart and was very happy to find a turquoise ball the perfect size for the hole at the top. Sometimes, it’s just meant to be. I’d like to put this in the garden but we’re in a very windy spot and it just wouldn’t survive so for now it will hang in the dining room as soon as I get a ceiling hook.


Mr Poo Smurf, for so the family insist on calling him came to visit yesterday. We looked high and low before we caught a glimpse of him.

He was hiding behind a bush. Was he shy or did the fact he has only one eye mean he couldn’t see where he was going? We stood and waited quietly until M.Poo Smurf showed himself.

Why what big feet he has! A sudden appearance by one of the cats and Mr Poo Smurf went into hiding. Was he behind the bush? No. Was he hiding round the corner? No. Can you see Mr Poo Smurf?

There he is, hiding in the plantpot. This time we managed to introduce ourselves before he ran away and hid again.Mr Poo Smurf didn’t like being on the ground with cats around so he sat on the edge of the planter.

When we left he was looking very much at home sat sunning himself in a quiet corner. I wonder if he’ll visit again?

Mr Poo Smurf has been a fun figure to make, although I am slightly worried about my imagination! If you’d like to make your own visitor then why not come along to the 3D figures workshop on Saturday 6th November.