Nuno scarf workshop

I ran a nuno scarf workshop last Friday. Everyone began with white silk gauze and white Merino but the results are very different. Enjoy…

Didn’t they do well!  Thanks to Claire and Kath for modelling their scarves. I’m also very grateful for all the help I had in tidying up at theend of the day – thank you x

Seed head scarf

Inspired by one of the scarves made at my last nuno scarf workshop, I thought I’d make a scarf using the seed head theme and incorporating one of my favourites – texture.

It’s onto a hand dyed silk chiffon base. I began by layng out lengths of wool yarn to form the stems and then topped each one with a seed head made from carefully picked out bits of wool nepps. I then covered the whole in a fine layer of wool and  mirrored the seed heads, this time using throwsters silk waste on the seed heads to give extra sheen.

I don’t know about you but it upsets me if a design on a scarf is not double sided in some way. On the blue side I have the texture and on the white, the texture and the shine, happy, happy.

This is now for sale in Out of the Ordinary in Skipton. I hope someone loves it as much as I do.