Turquoise wrap

One of the samples that I made for the nuno wrap workshop last month. I always seem to be behind in blogging about them but I will make sure that you see them eventually. The turquoise devore behaved slightly differently to the other colours and lost dye during the felt making but nothing too drastic.


A flamboyant wrap needs a flamboyant corsage too.


Using devore gives a great texture to the wrap and makes it super warm too for the colder weather.



The coloured frill is so nice and really sets it off well if you use the reverse of the wrap. I always like them to be double sided and this side has dyed bamboo.


I’m very pleased with how it turned out, it’s so pretty and turqouise is one of my favourite colours.


Wrap workshop

We had absolutely foul weather for this workshop, with people unable to attend due to floods and we had a leak in the hall. Despite this we also had a brilliant day with some stunning wraps produced. They were still wet when I took the photos so not looking their absolute best but, still stunning.


I believe the one above is by Sheila who used Koala merino on a purple and black devore base.


The white one is by Zoe who also found time to start a flower corsage to finish it off.


This delightful one is by Sandra who used Lavender merino on a white devore base. If you look below you can see the great texture that using devore produces.


Bright purple on a purple and black base – yum!


Black Merino behind the turquoise and black devore with a peacock merino frill.


I thought you might like to see it reversed. It’s the work of Kathryn 🙂


I believe this one is by Alison and my sincere apologies if I’ve got that wrong.



Aren’t they all wonderful! I get so excited when it comes to the end of the day and pieces are revealed, it gives me such a buzz.

Nuno wrap

Finally! I found some time this morning to retrieve my photos from the camera card only to have to spend 10 minutes trying to feed it into the reader! However, at long last, I can show you the wrap which is one of the samples for the workshop this coming Saturday.

It began as a piece of devore, I used half the width of the fabric and a 2m length. Before laying out I made a piece of silk covered Merino prefelt which I then cut into small leaf shapes. The fabric was laid upside down and covered with two very fine layers of Merino which I then extended off the edge of the fabric to form a frill. On top of that I laid some more silk and the leaves.



You can see it’s a goodly size when finished and thanks to the devore it feels so warm and luxurious.



Such a grogeous wrap should surely have it’s own flower corsage?



I’m very pleased with it and I even like the neutral colour, not like me at all! You know I couldn’t leave it there and so I have made a more colourful turquoise and black version which I promise to show as soon as I have daylight for the photos. Sadly, it will be next week before the opportunity arises as it’s still showtime across at Adelaide Walker. Perhaps I’ll see some of you at the Country Living Christmas Show in Harrogate – it runs from tomorrow 3rd December to Sunday 6th.