Op swap – 2

This is all I’ve shown you so far.

Now I can show you what was in the parcel as Bec has received it.

Bec likes grey, black, purple, green, and small florals. I thought the wavy striped scarf could double as a belt if  Bec isn’t a scarf user. The blue and white union jack coasters I hope will appeal to her home style and the necklace to her taste in jewellery. having said she likes chunky this is large but not actually chunky. The little stripey book is my handmade item and the yellow floral fabric is a vintage pillowcase which doubled as wrapping paper. I thought Bec might find a use for it as she’s an accomplished dressmaker. The ribbon is recycled from a Christmas present and the brooch my Mum was donating to charity but I thought it finished off the present beautifully. Now to show you what I received!

I was so excited to receive it that I tore it open before taking a photo, sorry. In the top left you can see the wrapping paper, it’s an old pattern which I thought was a great idea. I’d told Bec of my love of scarves and I got two, so you really can’t blame me for adding them to my collection as they’re both fabulous. Can I let you in on a secret? I like the lime green and orange one best as it’ll be perfect with my lime fleece.

The very stylish orange is actually glass and made it all the way here from Australia without incident. Bec knew I liked 70s style (amongst others) but I don’t think I’d told her about my liking for coloured glass so this was very welcome. It’s now on my windowsill with other blue, green, red and purple glass, it’s getting very colourful.

As part of the swop we had to include one handmade item but I got two, can you spot them both? Bec was very creative with these which she made herself. It’s an orange jumper converted to a bag and lined with a lovely fresh green printed cotton with a ruffle down the front. It’s quite a large bag, capacious in fact. The brooch is lovely and finished with a recycled orange button but most unusually, the back is an empty pin packet like the one shown here. I’d never have thought of that. This has been such fun that I’ll definitely do another.

Op Swap

It’s amazing the number of people in countries across the world where we now make connections online. One such connection for me was made with re-inventing fashion via flickr and I decided to join Jody’s winter op swop. Sounds a bit mad as it’s actually summer (supposedly) here in the UK but I just thought it would be fun.

These are the rules – Minimum 3 & max. 5 gifts per parcel, with at least:
~ 1 item to be found in an Op Shop/Garage Sale/Flea Market.
~ 1 item to be handmade by yourself or someone else.
~ 1 Winter themed item.

I’m not entirely sure that I managed the winter theme. Posting day was Friday and as it will take a few days to reach my swap partner I can only give you the tiniest glimpse of what I’ve sent.