Creative tidy up

An artist friend of mine, Kate, is finally getting her own studio space and knowing how creative she is I know it’s going to be lovely and I started to feel quite envious. Which is really rather silly of me as I have a lovely room with plenty of space, light and central heating so I really shouldn’t complain. But, you know how it is, this room also doubles as general creative room for everyone, teenage den and occasional guest bedroom.

I’d started to dump, had creations with no home and it was looking messy and not feeling like a creative space.

I began by clearing out a stack of six drawers which have housed all Charlotte’s pens and paper for more than the last decade. The drawers will be repurposed by Kate and I gained a little more space. Mind you, you should have seen the mess on the floor whilst I tried to incorporate the said pens and paper into the cupboard!

On my sideboard was a mess of quickly discarded items with no home or homes that I couldn’t be bothered to find at the time and an old music system which I didn’t use and which was taking up a lot of space.

I like old pallets, we’ve used them for all kinds of things and as we had 3 in the garden I thought it time I had a go at recycling one myself. Previously all the work has been done by Hubby but this time I was determined to do it myself. Well, no matter how hard I struggled I couldn’t get it apart and had to resort to chopping it up. In my mind I had an idea to make a set of display shelves for my pots, no more than that, just a set of shelves so it didn’t matter that I couldn’t get long lengths I thought. In the end I did have to ask Hubby to help with a few bits of the dismantling.

He’s got my physical clout than me and did help me to save one long length which would be the base of my shelves. We even managed to leave the blocks on so that the bottom shelp coped with the irregular height on the sideboard.

At this point I got all excited and started clearing the top of the sideboard.

It didn’t go very far as you can see and then I had to clear it off there onto the windowsill so I could use the table to work on.

I’d taken a photo of what I wanted to do so it was a case of working out each piece as I went along. Pallets are made of cheap rough wood and I wanted to use that, especially the knotted, gnarled and bits with holes or nails in. Where two pieces of wood had crossed each other I’d chopped them apart and liked using the bits which had 2 layers of wood left. Working with wood, drills and screwdrivers is right out of my comfort zone and I won’t be rushing back there anytime soon!

You can see what I mean with two of the shelves and two of the uprights. Hubby would have removed these but I wanted them left and they became shelf supports on the uprights. I left them on the shelves too as I thought they’d give me different heights when displaying pots.

All my little homeless pots are now housed on the shelves. Hubby was a great adviser when required and a constant support, both he and C like the finished article and it worked out better than I’d hoped. You can see how the long piece with the bottom blocks left on copes with the uneven height of the sideboard top. The three solid blocks were other feet I removed and Hubby suggested we use them as you see. I haven’t fixed them in so they can be removed for taller items or used elsewhere to give different heights.

There’s still more to do in the room not least of which will be a set of fairy lights for the shelves and then I really must do something about those boring cupboard doors. Thoughts anyone?