Patchwork cushions

In September I assisted Charlotte in the making of two floor cushions for her room at uni. The fabric was bought from the 6 scraps for Β£5 bin at the Fent Shop in Skipton. All end of designer stuff and perfect for soft furnishings or tote bags.

I was allowed to cut strips, do the maths and press all the seams. Not bad for our first attempt at patchwork and they’re well loved and used.



Patchwork amd applique workshop

We may have been a small group but I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the workshop. There’s just something about stitching into your felt that is so relaxing – go on, try it.

Fortunately I had pre-felts in the desired colours so we could get straight down to the business of yarn choice. It is possible to do these techniques in such a way that the stitching is invisble but both ladies chose to make the yarn part of the overall patterning.


The addition of orange to the blue and purple stripes makes this cushion sing. It’s for Judith’s son so applique and other embellishments were eschewed.


It was a very good choice of yarn which was mainly grey with small flecks of other colours. It’s amazing how different the yarn seemed when felted and, though you can’t see it on this photo, how some of the coloured flecks became very visible. Judith’s stitching is very neat but she surprised me by going for an irregular edge which I believe suits it very well.


Sue had collected fallen leaves during her dog walking forays and you can definitely see the inspiration they provided.


Again, the choice of yarns was very good. The background and some of the applique was stitched with a space dyed mohair yarn. Having visible stitching has really added to the effect.


This is a fabulous autumn image but I also wanted to show you the stitching on this leaf which was created with a roving type yarn. It’s felted down very well but has styayed raised so not only has the colour added to the pattern, the yarn has added to the texture. It pays to experiment.

Patchwork and applique cushion

I’ve been meaning to show you this for a while, temporarily lost some of the photos, found them, forgot to load them up, found them again and got on with it!Β  Sometimes projects don’t work out and I put them in the pre-felt bag or if my fibres are starting to look a little sad, I make it into pre-felts, it stores a lot longer that way πŸ™‚

The delight/problem is that you have a stash of pre-felts and so I wanted to show you ways of using them up. I began by chopping up some pieces of yellow pre-felt and then happliy found a space dyed yarn with yellows, blues and purples that I thought would be great for the stitching together.



I’ve used the pre-felt poppy flower as my applique centre which I’ve attached with blanket stitch and thenΒ  attached the patchwork pieces by means of simple straight stitches. Using a contrasting yarn makes the stitching part of the design and I also like the extra colour it’s provided.


As you can see, for the reverse I’ve used 3 colours of prefelt for the background and then simple shapes for the applique design. Although I’ve still allowed the stitches to show and become part of the deign, the yarn used is tonal and has blended in far more. It’s very grey here so please excuse the colours on these next photos but you can at least see the finished effect.



It’s a lovely piece of felt and the colours do blend together very well. So well in fact that I had to rescue it from my Daughter’s bedroom to show it to you. When felted down there are no seams just a nice smooth fabric.



For me, this side is the most successful, due mainly I think to the contrast in colours provided by the yellow and the purple. It’s a fun process and there are still one or two places left on the workshop on Tuesday 9th October if you fancy joining in. Next time I’ll show you a sample worked n naturals.