Felt pictures

Not mine you understand, the work of a small group of students this week. The day began with me thinking it would be a very small group, just me and Tanya in fact but then, Anthea and Ros turned up and the day got quite lively. It’s a shame Delia was unable to join us as I do think she’d have had fun. We set the world to rights, squealed with laughter at things discussed at the school gates, drank tea, ate biscuits and held a group discussion about a Chattel house.

Oh, I suppose you want to see what people made. Well first up is this calm blue offering from Ros who was attracted to the repeated arch theme.


It was Ros’s first ever piece of felt and she managed very well, it’s not always easy working in a single colour but this works for me. Below, is the first piece by Tanya who was attracted by the shape of the leaf and has every intention of using this as a base for embroidery. Tanya was the first to use a resist and you can see the inner part of the leaf stands proud from the background.


Ros’s second piece is another piece of felt destined to be embellished.


It’s in bright, happy colours, not that Ros knows where it will go as she doesn’t have these colours in any rooms at home but the colours just called to her. I think it was Tanya  who suggested it would make a lovely table mat.

Tanya’s second felt is based on a flower and again features 3D work. It’s a real shame I can’t show it to you finished because I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular. After making felt rolls to be added when the work is dry, Tanya made more felt rolls which were attached during wet felting.


The curly bits are Teeswater curls and the orange just sings our against the blue. I do hope Tanya remembers to send a photo when it’s finished. Anthea came with a theme in mind, a Chattel house. After making pre-felt in pink (house), grey (roof) and green (shutters) we held a group discussion about the building.


I know you can’t see it. Anthea was very unhappy about how it looked, it would have needed some later embellishment to help seat it in the picture and knowing herself well enough that it would never be finished, the house was, with group consensus, removed. However. her addition of a figure on the shore was inspired.

Drawing further inspiration from Tanya’s leaf, resists were used under two of the palm tree leaves to allow them to hang free of the background. You can just see coconuts underneath one of the leaves. I should have taken a picture of the stripey pre-felt Anthea intended to use for the house shutters as she swears she’s going to make it into a courgette!



Present tree

The intention had been to show you this before it was given as a birthday present and to ask you to keep it secret, however life is like a runaway train at the moment and so you’re seeing it after the intended recipient.

Mum loves trees and so I determined to make a felt picture for her.I hoped to create a vibrant stylised tree and you can judge for yourselves if I achieved that. Unusually for me, I began by laying out a white background.


Recently I carded up some old fibres and used a selection to create a coloured background for the tree.


I wetted the fibres out then began laying out the tree structure using more carded fibres of browns, greys and purples.


Then began the most time consuming part of the laying out – the leaves.


I stopped when I reached the stage below but was still a little unsure as to whether I should have added more.


I also wished I’d had a couple more greens to use but time restrictions meant I needed to press on and here it is finished.



It’s actually brighter than it looks on screen as I used a lot of lime green on the leaves knowing that it’;d be placed next to two bright purple flower pictures and needed to hold it’s own. Hubby then cut, dowelled and glued some lengths of wood together so that I could hang it. I really didn’t want it to go behind glass.


Mum’s very pleased with it and I think it’s okay but as usual, I’d do it differently next time.

Catch up four

This next one seemed to be going well but didn’t turn out as I was hoping and I had to be persuaded quite hard just to include it here. I do like the colours, I’m just not happy with the finished item but perhaps more work might improve it. Feel free to let me know.

Do you ever wonder what inspires you to work on certain subjects? I seem to have done quite a lot of trees recently but I’m not sure where that came from.

Mainly wet felted, the only needle felted part is the berries. Initially I struggled to get them the right size, they were too large or almost invisible. My favourite tree picture.

Felt picture workshops

I’ve run a couple of picture workshops from my home studio in the last ten days and I have to say that people have produced some beautiful work.

The first piece from Margaret was inspired by Hockney and is clean, colourful and well executed. The second is a leaf and I think Judith was very brave to have a go at giving it a 3D element and also very successful.

The moor landscape by Rose was her first piece of felt, didn’t she do well. The impressionist feel suits felt making very well. This final one has absolutely grogeous colours and Mary worked extremely hard to get the lines and colours right. I think it’s stunning. There were more but as usual I was so busy admiring, discussing and saying goodbye that I forgot to take photos. You know who you are, it would be nice if you could send me a photo of your work as they all deserve to be seen here. It’s been a privilege to work with these two groups and I’m looking forward to the flower workshop today.

Thanks for sending this picture in Anne. This cushion panel was inspired by a picture and the recycled plastic fibres have made great sheep. Another success.

Rust inspired picture

I’ve had a fascination with rusty metal for quite a long time. You only have to ask my husband – the times I’ve had him carrying back large items from beaches and country walks. It looks fabulous when installed in the garden and it’s been in my mind for quite a while to produce a series of items inspired by rust.

So when I saw this mage and re-discovered this small piece of rust it seemed time to make a start. It’s probably not the most successful piece of felt I’ve made but it’s a good start to get me working on the subject. I envisage that I will work in both 2D and 3D and want to attach pieces of actual rust to the finiished felts.

The fabric pieces are crystal organza which gives a lovely texture when felted in and the curls are dyed teeswater. I wanted to get not just the colours but texture as well. In future I think I may use cut back techniques for added texture and depth. Not sure if I should stitch into it, what do you think?