Meet Wesley

Wesley is my new pincushion from beloved daughter Charlotte.


She was inspired by a kit advert and thought, “I can do that “.


Working entirely freehand, no drawing or pattern cutting, she spent a couple of happy nights in front of the TV making it.


There was some discussion over name, we think he suits Wesley. He’s a very sleepy whale  with a heart of pins. Thanks Charlotte  I’m going to have lots of fun using him.

Pin cushion

I’ve had this quick project in mind for a while, it’s a needle felted pin cushion with a daisy motif. I began by rolling up and lightly needling some Cheviot wool for the core.


Then wrapped it in green Merino, again lightly needling it into place and ensuring there was no white peeping through.


I used small strips of white merino to help me draw the outline of my daisy.


After filling in the petals I then attached a centre in yellow Merino.


Voila, finished!