Spider pod

You may already have guessed from all the felt rolls that this was going to end up being a spider. My daughter is really not keen on this she thinks it’s both creepy and weird. I was just going to make a straightforward bird pod but when I read the Canopy Art submission details it had to be something I’d find in a canopy so it became a spider pod.


It’s made from Black Welsh fibres which I wet felted initially but then I firmed it up with some needle felting, I love Black Welsh for this kind of work it goes so firm.


It really does stand up because I wired the legs and it’s also the mechanisms for attaching it to walls, plants etc.


I don’t think it’s good enough to submit to canopy art so it may just become a bird nest hiding in my climbing hydrangea. It’ll probably give someone a scare at some point too. Hubby said it was cruel to think about suspending it above our Daughter’s bed!


Last month I ran a 3D pod workshop and showed you the results here. The red pod from Margaret wasn’t completed on the day but I just have to show you what it looks like now. It’s totally fabulous now but here’s a reminder of how it looked then.

The finished item

Inspiring isn’t it? Well done Margaret and many thanks for the photos.

Pod 2 – part two

I’m loving the texture on this pod but I’m not entirely happy with it. Here it is drying.

When I finished felting all the tails were sticking straight out like spikes and it looked quite ridiculous so I pinned each of the tails down to allow them to dry in more of a curl shape. It seems to have worked too.

You can see all the lustrous yarn felted into the inside but overall I am disappointed. I’m not sure if I need to change the three circular openings and I definitely want to put something shiny inside the pod. All suggestions for this very welcome. But I’m going to leave you with a picture of some fabulous texture.

Pod 2 – part one

I’ve several ideas for pods rattling around in my head but then I decided to make this one instead.

I took lots of bashed around wool scraps

Made quite a lot of these – 40 in total but at least being small they didn’t take too long to make.

Took more of the scrappy fibres, carded them and then laid it all out

Decided it needed more and started to lay on Teeswater and BFL curls.

Thought I’d finished, then went back and added more curls! It’s drying now so photos of finished item coming soon.

Revealed at last

Remember this?

I promised to reveal it weeks ago but first I didn’t finish as quickly as hoped and then the weather has been so grey I haven’t been able to get a photo. Here it is at last.

I made  it in Blue Faced Leicester fibre for hanging outside and really wanted something to be inside the pod with lots of slits / windows into it.

The last photo is a little dark but I wanted to show you some of the textures on the pod. Both inside and outside there are teeswater locks. Inside also has some fabrics as well as the hanging curl you see above which is wire bound with wool fibre and silky yarn.

There are six openings. Both top and bottom tails have rope added for extra texture. The top tail also has three holes in it. the top hole can be used for hanging the pod or it can be tied in a knot as shown.

This silky yarn is the devil to work with so I first wove it in a round and then felted it in. You can’t see the weaving now but it is a fabulous shiny texture!

I’m quite happy with how this worked out but it is only a prototype for larger ones I have in mind and I would like to see MUCH more texture on the next one. Here’s hoping I find the time soon.