Poppy display

It was a bit of a rush but I did complete my poppy display in time for the Bakewell Wool Gatghering where it was much admired.


The terracotta pot we inherited when we purchased the house over twenty years ago. I bought a polystyrene cone and by chopping off both top and bottom, it fitted the plant pot perfectly. I then painted it with brown paint and glued Wemsleydale curls on top to act as soil and I think it looks rather effective.

All the poppies (38) are glued onto wire which comes as bailing twine on some of our wool deliveries. I was really chuffed to be able to find a new use for it.  I was creating it to use as part of our display at work to highlight the poppy brooch kit and poppy picture kit.

Once it had been used at the show it was taken back to work and dumped unceremoniously on a table awaiting time for me to create a display. With so many back to back shows that just wasn’t happening but we had the good sense to inveigle a very creative friend into doing some work for us and I think you’ll like what she did with the display.


You can see now where the other six larger poppies were used. The poppy picture felts were samples from when I taught a workshop at Wharfe Wool Fair earlier in the year. I very cleverly left just the right colour scarf at work and it wasn’t an accident at all (much!)


Thank you Kate for a very creative and eye catching display, it wouldn’t have happened without you. The row of poppies is a display I’ve been using for 2 or 3 years now so I didn’t need anything new I just wanted it. There’s already plans in my head for what comes next year! The boxed kit is the picture kit I designed.


The picture has been very well received and is flying off the shelf. It’s a wet felted kit which you can purchase here.