Poor Puck

I’ve not posted much recently which is due mainly to the fact that my card reader has broken and the new one hasn’t yet arrived so all my photos are trapped on my camera. Today I can share with you only because my mischievious daughter, Charlotte, took these on her phone.


It all began with Pan who brought a live mouse into the living room and set it free. Unable to recatch it I had to step in and try to help by outing it from all the tiny places that the cats couldn’t get but a long stick could. We dashed to the door to keep it in one room and Puck dashed to the door a fraction later trapping her tail in the process. She then compounded the injury by panicing and pulling it free which resulted in quite a serious injury. The mouse was eventually ushered out of the patio door closely followed by Pan.

Miserable to be kept indoors and wearing a collar with her tail all wrapped up after an operation, Puck spent the next 4 days sulking. Once the dressing was removed (mega stressful) I had to do a return trip to the vets for a larger collar as she could reach her tail and had drawn blood within 10 miutes of arriving home. All went went well after that until last Friday, the day she was due to have the stitches removed and be allowed to roam free again.

When I arrived home the little minx had got her collar off, pulled on the stitches and started to re-open the wound. Another three days confined to barracks! I’m not quite sure why Charlotte thought that turning Puck into a dande-lion would cheer her up but you can clearly see it didn’t wotk.


One fed up cat, just look at her poor tail. The yellow petals were removed as soon as photos were taken 🙂 The good new is that at least her tail didn’t have to be amputated, she was allowed ‘outside’ last night and all we have to do now is wait for her fur to grow back. The relief is tremendous, it hasn’t been easy to watch her being so miserable and it’s been very hard to keep her indoors whilst allowing the other 3 cats their freedom. Puck is a sweet cat and hasn’t borne us any grudges, she’s still come for a love.