It’s a few years since our last visit to Scarborough and I have very fond memories of the town having spent many summer holidays there as a child. We’re lucky enough to live within day trip range and were there within 1.5 hours, parking up at 9.30am, a really good start to the day. First item on the agenda was breakfest and of course we found a cafe serving bacon butties within sight of the sea, bliss.


I just adore rust and the pots below caught my attention due to there being just the one orange one.


You can see the Grand Hotel in the background, built during the reign of Queen Victoria in the shape of a V in her honour.


This rope is actually inspiring me to blend some wool for me to spin into yarn. After all, I can already see what it would look like.


Come the 1st of September the harbourside is undergoing a clean up and many of the items I’ve photographed here may be removed.


These fabulous heavy lengths of wood were stacked up down by the harbour wall, I’ve no idea what they were / will be used for but the colour and texture is wonderful.




A bit of rust, a bit of colourful lichen and weathered wood, what more could a girl ask for?


Lichens are one of my favourite items to photograph and I have done work based on them in the past, perhaps that will be my next project.


I’m so glad they leave these to weather and don’t just rip them out and replace with a hunk of shiny metal. Who could resist such texture?


It was a wonderful sunny day, lunch on the prom, sand in my toes, cold feet from paddling and a massive yearning to go back.