Sedbergh Sheep Fest

If you have the time I’d recommend going along to Sedbergh Sheep Fest this weekend. See sheep driven down the road followed by a dragon!  and a sheep trail around town not to mention the wool fair in the People’s Hall on Saturday. You can also pay a visit to the famous Farfield Mill and see the woolly exhibity bu The Wool Clip. The pics below are just a taster of what you’ll see on the sheep trail.



The one below is outside the Three Hares, my favourite Sedbergh cafe.


The WI ewe is very busy!


If you follow the trail to No.6 Finkle St don’t forget to look up!  I’ll be at Sedbergh all day on Saturday with my Adelaide Walker hat on and as it’s worldwide spin in public day I’ll be taking my drop spindle with me. You’ll find me at the Wool Fair in The People’s Hall.