The Darling Roses

Last Saturday I was invited along to the Darling Roses WI meeting to run a short needle felting workshop. The invite included a free lunch (very good it was too, especially the gingerbread thanks Debbie) and I was lucky enough to catch the end of a fascinating talk about death/burial customs in the Victorian era and a talk from a textile artist about their practice and how they approach designing. Beautiful work on display.

We had only two hours for the workshop so I figured a needle felted sheep would fit the bill perfectly.


What a lovely, friendly, chatty bunch of ladies they were. If you’re considering joining a WI I’d definitely recommend this one. You can see what fun was being had.


Demonstrating in mid air isn’t very easy but they managed to follow my instructions okay and here’s a close up of a finished sheep to prove it.


Everyone was eager to participate in the group photo shoot.


Aren’t they great?



Very pleased and proud!


Sheep door stop

Last month I made a paper weight as a practice run for this sheep door stop. Popular advice was to give my sheep ears, don’t say I never listen to you.


Looks like a bad hair day on this side as the Cotswold fleece I used was long and wavy. Some sheep look a bit the worse for wear by the time shearing comes round and mine is no exception!


I haven’t modelled this on any particular breed, I just went with what I felt. The main reaspon for the dark legs / base is that it will be on the floor which isn’t known as the cleanest place in the house.


I had great fun doing the face. It’s weighted with stone supplied by Sue and Skye and I’m looking forward to a small flock being created at the workshop this Friday.

Otley Show

I’ve lived down the road from Otley for over 15 years and yet this year was the first time I’ve made it to the show – shame on me I’ve been missing so much fun.  So here’s a visual record of the day.

I was so struck by the shades of colour in the hair of the Highland cattle. If only it would felt!

I couldn’t get over the size of this bull.

I thought the lambs were quite large but the Mum was more like a small settee.

I love all the sheep breeds and think I’ve done well to restrict myself to these two.

I love to see the horses but especially the shires. The egg classes amazed me, I’ve never seen eggs as brown as the ones in the centre at the back.

We watched this being carved with a chainsaw.

My favourite picture from the show, a Dalesbred sheep. I haven’t shown pics of the rabbits, hamsters, pygmy goats, poultry or ferrets. Oh, forgot to mention marching bands, falconry displays, dog displays etc. etc. I’ll be back next year.

P.S.  Forgot to say that we were really impressed with 3 of the dog classes, they were pure genius.

a) dog with the most appealing eyes        b) dog with the waggiest tail     c) dog most like it’s owner