Keeping up to date

Sat here, I’m thinking  how busy I’ve been just recently but struggling to think exactly why. Yesterday was a lovely day so obviously it was best spent washing a sheep (fleece) in the bath, food shopping and clearing the drains – such fun we have here! In between I did manage to plant
bulbs in the garden which I really enjoyed.

I’ve recently sold quite a few brooches, some on commission (as per yesterday’s post) and some from the shop but that’s good and I have managed to put some more items in my shop.

Waiting to be photographed and listed in the shop are; more brooches, scarves, a cushion and a couple of handbags.
All of which I hope to have on there very soon.

New shop items

I may have been quiet for a few days on the blog front but I promise I have been busy and photos will follow soon. In the menatime I am trying to work my way through a few large number of items that are waiting to be put into my shop. I’ve managed some today and here are just a couple.


Debate is raging in our house on what is the best background to use for my felt items and I’d like to enlist your help. Take a look at the four photos below and please let me know which background you prefer and why.

I want my site to look professional and inviting and for people to see the items well. Does the background matter or is it just the quality of the photos? My husband thinks the white looks most professional and I tend to agree yet keep finding myself drawn to natural backgrounds. Are they good or distracting? Remember, the aim is to sell these items.

P.S. Wow, great response thank you! I think what I’ve learnt from this is to trust my instincts. The differing backgrounds are fine I just need to concentrate on good photos so you can see what it is and interesting photos so you want to see more.