Couldn’t stop

Carried away by the sheer joy of adding a smart new background, I’ve redesigned the home page as well. I’ve included a panel with details of my next workshop, a second panel showing my latest blog post, and a third one to provide a link to receive news of additional workshop dates and felt and textile news that I think might be of interest. I think it makes the homepage look more interesting. What do you think?


It doesn’t seem too long since I last played with the look of my site but I decided (with prompting from hubby) to make one or two changes. He was quite surprised I agreed, but then I never did like to be predictable.

The patterned background has gone, in it’s place is a very stylish dark blue/purple. The pages should soon be white rather than the current very pale purple. I think these changes will make the site look fresher without any major work. What do you think, should I change anything else?