Spinning? Not for me I always said, but once tried it became quite addictive. I was given an old wheel (thanks Kate) and with help from a friend got it in working order and began spinning. So much fun, soothing even, why not try a spindle I thought.

After a little while I was soon spinning quite even yarn on both my wheel and my drop spindle. A second smaller wheel was bought with the intention of it replacing my original wheel but I’m sure you’ve already realised, that I now have two wheels.

Over time I began to enjpy spindle spinning more and more, one or two more spindles crept into my hands and I now find myself with nine!! I’m not quite sure how that happened but I do really enjoy both spinning with them and having them on display.


These are three of my newest spindles, pretty arent’t they? The very newest is the one below.


Hubby commissioned this one for me as a Christmas present, aren’t I lucky. I strongly suspect I’ll collect more, they’re both useful and beautiful.