Spring wreaths

Here’s photos of two  of the finished spring wreaths with the others to follow later. First up – pastels by Lisa.


A great first ever piece of wet felting don’t you think? Lisa was considering adding more leaves  and pink blossom to it so it may change.


Sue eschewed pastels and went for strong orange and yellow.


It’s quite different but no less successful. The Trillium shape works very well with the anemones and daffodil.


I do enjoy the wreath workshops and have at least three more in the planning but I think they’ll need yo wait until next year.



It’s the Spring Wreath workshops tomorrow. I don’t know what it is about wreaths but I really do enjoy creating them. As I write there are another three jostling for space in my head, that I must try and find time to make.


Good shot

We’ve had some lovely sunny days this week so when she came home from school my daughter was inspired to play with the camera in the garden. Often she takes shots of flowers but this time she really used her imagination and took shots: from different angles, of different materials and looking through items to flowers beyond. Not all of them worked but here for your pleasure are my four favourites.