Whitework book

I’ve really been enjoying the whitework I’ve been creating and it’s all thanks to being a member of Metaphor Textile Group. Whilst teaching a felt making session I started this book cover as an example. People often get stuck for ideas or fazed by being asked to design and so this was partly to show how to make the cover and partly to show how focussing on one thing can be liberating and yet work very well as a design.

Working on a white base I added circles (always my go to shape for simplification) of fabric in different shades of white. There is cotton scrim, silk and crystal organza.

After felting I’ve continued with the circlular theme by stitching mainly spirals into the felt. They overlap and again are in shades of white and cream with a metallic silver thread added in for a little extra interest. The photos don’t show the fabrics very well but if you look to the left in the photo below you’ll see the scrim in white and cream.

Adding fabric to your felt adds texture (yum) and adding stitch adds even more texture. In this case more is definitely more with the stitching and feels pleasingly textured to the hand.

This is just one of my items which will be on sale at Trawden Artist and Makers exhibition and open studio event on 21/22 October.

On a high!

A brilliant day today. I had three lovely ladies for the stitched in felt notebook covers workshop. The work they’ve produced is wonderful, how I wish I could keep it. We began by stitching into fabric, stopped and stitched at the pre-felt stage (part made) and have the opportunity for further stitch and beading at the end.

I wish my photos did better justice to the felt but it was getting dark when we finished. The atmosphere was good with lots of enthusiasm and the day was marred only by the necessary removal of a blackbird carcass from the kitchen. A downside of keeping cats I’m afraid, although not a common occurrence. I feel enthused by their enthusiasm and use of colour, the day has left me on a high. Might just have to go and make some felt.

Stitched in felt workshop

Bad weather may have been forecast for the weekend but fortunately Saturday was fine and dry. Indoors in the workshop we were also in a very creative mood. We began by stitching into fabrics which were then attached to the fibres during the wet and set stage. We stopped at pre-felt and stitched again before finishing the felting process.

The pictures show work before the wet and set stage. If you stitch into fabric before you begin the stitches will become part of the background pattern. If stitched at pre-felt stage, the stitches sink in but can still be seen and felt. For real texture, stitch after felting has been completed. It’s amazing how rich you can make your finished pieces.