So exciting, my first swapsie. Tracy and I agreed ages ago but it’s taken us quite a long time to finish the pressies. Here;s mine to Tracy.

I know Tracy likes bug hunting so this is inspired by a Rose Chafer Bug. The shine is angelina fibres.

Here’s my pressie from Tracy.

Isn’t it great? A fabulous wool scarf, very, very cosy.

As Tracy doesn’t knit or crochet she came up with this clever idea to knot the wool. I’ve no idea how long it took to do this but I appreciate every minute. There was also some locally made fudge (already eaten|) and some local Perthshire Shetland fleece. Thank you Tracy.


In August I exhibited at Art in The Pen where my purse was dismayed to find so many fabulous items for sale. However, I eventually realised one could be within reach if something could be swapped. I was coveting a ceramic lamp and to my great delight the seller was more than happy to do a swap.

This colourful hanging was my swap item and the fabulous ceramic lamp below is what I received in return.

The clay is impressed with ammonites and sea urchins and wrapped around a pipe to form the shape. If it’s brought off the pipe too early it collapses and if left too long shrinks and sticks to the pipe. When the lamp is lit it looks absolutely stunning and so different.

The clever creator of these lamps is Ann Rogers. Ann doesn’t have a website yet but can be contacted by email at annrogersceramics@yahoo.co.uk