Remembering 2

It was my intention to put these photos of my poppy table runner up on Remembrance Sunday but only just managed to finish the photos this morning. Sadly it’s grey flat light but I wanted to share so am posting them anyway. Before we start, my apologies, they are rather numerous. A quick reminder of where we were up to on the last post


The finished item.






I wish these outside shots were taken in better light so you could see the colours glow. I hope you’ve not seen enough because Hubby went to a lot of trouble dressing it on our table for which it is a perfect length. He did a brilliant job and it looks splendid.





I have another great idea in my head now I just need time to do the creating. There are a couple of spaces on the table runner workshop being held at Clifton Village Hall, Otley on Saturday 6th December



I think it’s wonderful that so many people are actively remembering in this centenary year of the First World War. Today I’ve been teaching children felt making based on poppies which I’ll show you tomorrow but first I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on.

It’s a table runner. My initial thoughts were to have large poppies but when I drew it out I went right off it. Instead I’ve gone for lots of smaller ones and I began by laying out the background.


Two layers of Olive Green followed by a smattering of dark leaf along the edges.


In the centre is a carded mixture of Old Gold, Saffron and Olive Green with a tiny touch of Lime. The two sides are carded Navy, Maroon, Forest Green and more Dark Leaf.


Beginning the laying out of the flowers.


The more I added the better I thought it looked.


Midi thought he should come and supervise proceedings and wasn’t very happy to let go of the wool.


Maroon(wrested from Midis’ paws)  followed by black in the centre.


Little highlights of Old Gold on the black plus some Bright Orange and Bright Pink on the petals to give them a little lift.


Lots of rubbing and rolling and finishing off with my wonderful Palm Washboard. Now I should be ready for the big reveal but it’s dark! I so want to show you this as I’m really pleased with how it’s worked out, but the weather has been grey and wet with terrible light and now it’s too dark. As soon as I’m able I’ll show you the rest.

In the meantime, if you want to create this at home, all the colours mentioned are available from Adelaide Walker which also sells the palm Washboards. If you’d like to come along to a workshop and make this or another design there’s still spaces on the table runner workshop on 6th December at Otley. You can book online here.

Table runner workshop

To be held at Clifton Village Hall in Otley on Saturday 6th December. Table runners may not only be used on tables but can look magnificent suspended on the wall as art so you’ll be able to choose how you use your runner. Why not sometimes hang it on the wall and sometimes use it on the table?  Landscape?






These are all rectangular but there’s no reason why it can’t be round, oval or square. I have a great idea for a new one so I’m off to start work on it now 🙂  More details and booking for the table runners on my workshop page.

Commission table runner 2

After deciding I’d wait before making a decision on more pre-felts I made 11 more without meeting.


I cut out some circles.


Decided it wasn’t enough and cut out some more.


Then began the laying out at 2m by 40cm in natural grey Merino.


Placing the circles was quite time consumning but fun.


Finished and off to it’s new home.


Finished size is 150cm by 30cm and it used 122 pre=felt circles in 30 different colours.


Midi helped by sitting on my w.i.p.

Commission table runner

I made this table runner back in 2010 and have been commissioned to make another.


Grey Merino fibre for background? – tick. Pre-felt spots in many colours? – no. Pre-felt? – no. Time to get busy then making a few pre-felts.


And then a few more.


I wasn’t sure that eighteen pre-felts was going to be enough but I decided to wait until I’d cut out some spots before I made a final decision.




Thought I’d never get this finished and dried to show you but here is my table runner – at last!

Remember, it’s all British wool.

I didn’t use the Masham in the end but I did use BFL, Shetland, Cheviot, Jacob, Manx and Black Welsh Mountain

I’ve decided to call it Cherry Topped.

Now to do a matching item – watch this space but please don’t hold your breath as it may take a while.

Moving on

Progress on my table runner hasn’t been quite as rapid as I would like but it is definitely moving on. All the pieces are pre-felted and cut out ready for the final felting stage.

I’m really liking the subtlety of all the natural British wools. My daughter thinks the icing looks like clouds.

Pictures of a finished runner very soon I hope.

Felt for your home workshop

It was a exceptionally warm and sunny day last Thursday which meant we managed to get out and eat our lunch in the churchyard. A pleasant change indeed.

We had a variety of items being made all of which can be used in the home. These first two are table runners. the first inspired by the bark of a silver birch tree and the second by a black and white cat in the hope the hairs won’t be noticed on this one!

This second set comprise; a wallhanging, table mat and tea cosy. You can just imagine the smile the tea cosy would bring to your face at breakfast it’s so sunny.

These last ones are obviously vases, the first set hand modelled and the second modelled around a beaker giving them a crisper outline. Really lovely colours used on these.

Margaret was also kind enough to give the following feedback “thank you for a great workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed myself!! My runner will look really handsome on the dresser (once I declutter it of course!) ” Well done all.

Spotty Runner

Last year my daughter and I sat and cut out loads and loads of pre-felt circles for a a school project. Not all the circles were used and they’ve just been sat waiting for a new project which I came up with yesterday. I decided to create a new table runner and to use up all the different coloured spots on it. After a little thought I decided that I’d sit them on a natural grey merino fibre.

It’s a lovely mix of light and dark grey and sets off all the colouirs very well. At the ends I’ve also cut out more circles for added interest. There are five cut outs at each end.

I decided not to include white and to keep it to coloured circles only. The pile of waiting circles looked very large and yet I had to cut out more. Obviously I cut out too many more and now there’s a small pile waiting for a new project – unbelievable!