Tall Ships

I didn’t get a chance to share this with you last week but we went up to Hartlepool to see the Tall Ships. It was fantastic to see so many of the old fashioned sail ships in port, you could even go on board some of them for a closer look. There were about twenty of the really large ships like the one below.

It looked magnificent when it sailed out with the sun shining on it. I was disappointed that they didn’t go under ‘sail’ as it would have been a painting come to life.

The sun smiled on us on and off throughout the day and we were surrounded by large crowds wherever we went. Along the quayside they had a world market with products and foods from a wide range of countries. Though it felt quite odd to see a jewellery stall drom Skipton, just down the road from here.

We were also very surprised that the oldest ship was about 1895 and the newst 2010! One of the ships was only completed in May this year but I bet they all have the latest navigational aids and they all have engines. The heavens opened on us about tea time and were soaked to the skin. It thinned the crowds but plenty of people braved the weather to keep watch till the last possible moment. Seeing lots of the ships out at sea at once was great but I didn’t get a picture as visibility wasn’t good at that point. Would have been better with the sails open but at least I’ve seen a sight which we thought was long gone.