Present tree

The intention had been to show you this before it was given as a birthday present and to ask you to keep it secret, however life is like a runaway train at the moment and so you’re seeing it after the intended recipient.

Mum loves trees and so I determined to make a felt picture for her.I hoped to create a vibrant stylised tree and you can judge for yourselves if I achieved that. Unusually for me, I began by laying out a white background.


Recently I carded up some old fibres and used a selection to create a coloured background for the tree.


I wetted the fibres out then began laying out the tree structure using more carded fibres of browns, greys and purples.


Then began the most time consuming part of the laying out – the leaves.


I stopped when I reached the stage below but was still a little unsure as to whether I should have added more.


I also wished I’d had a couple more greens to use but time restrictions meant I needed to press on and here it is finished.



It’s actually brighter than it looks on screen as I used a lot of lime green on the leaves knowing that it’;d be placed next to two bright purple flower pictures and needed to hold it’s own. Hubby then cut, dowelled and glued some lengths of wood together so that I could hang it. I really didn’t want it to go behind glass.


Mum’s very pleased with it and I think it’s okay but as usual, I’d do it differently next time.

Catch up three

After moors and hedgerows I wandered into the conservatory to produce my version of a calla lilly flower.

I used the same technique as when creating the poppy picture but the white wool in this is mixed with silk nepps which has given it texture. This picture works better from a distance I believe but it’s actually quite a favourite with me.

This next piece however, I feel far more ambiguous about. I’ve shown it to a couple of other people who really liked it and said it should be included in the art trail but I’m not feeling the love.

It’s just that I feel I didn’t quite hit what I was aiming for but I’m at a loss how to describe it better. After wet felting I added more petals with needle felting and that has definitely improved it.

Winter Crochet

I don’t seem to have had time for much crochet recently so was very pleased to finally find a few minutes to have a go. What inspired me I hear you ask. Well I found some cute patterns for small decorations on a couple of lovely sites. They’re not necessarily for Christmas and I’ve named them winter crochet as I’ve made them in white but they could be made in any colour.

This tree which comes courtesy of The Royal Sisters is good but is probably my least favourite. I don’t have a 3.5 hook so used a size 4mm and the tree is a little too large for me.

Now this heart is really nice and is also courtesy of The Royal Sisters. I didn’t put the final round on as I like the size as it is now. Definitely a pattern I’ll come back to.

My heart has been stolen by this little snowflake which comes courtesy of Attic 24. I’ve done the three rounds on a 3mm hook and it’s a perfect dinky size. Not sure what I’m going to use them for yet but my count is up to ten and set to rise, they’re so addictive. They will be blocked and dosed with spray starch but I couldn’t wait to show them to you.

Felting a tree

You may remember me rambling on about items I find when out walking and I did mention some pine cones I’d found. In addition, I came across some mini cones and these have inspired me to make a tree picture. Ages ago I’d made two of the felted tails below to go in a project and then changed my mind and put them in my bit bag. I thought they’d make the perfect basis for the tree.

Continuing the recycling theme I carded the fibres from my bit bag, using up all the old greens with a little purple, brown and grey added. I was thinking about heather moors when I was doing this. You can see that I’ve chopped the tails up and rearranged them to make the tree.

You can see that in order to join the bits of tree together you need to cut on an angle to enable you to fit them together with no gaps. I’ve joined them quite crudely as I’ll be covering the tree with some more fibres and you won’t see stitching or joins. I had the idea of adding more low relief at the bottom of the picture and chopped up other discarded felt rolls and felt balls which I embedded in the middle of the fibres. You won’t see them but they will give the impression of boulders under the grass.

I carded different browns, grey, black, purple and green fibres to cover the tree. I allowed the original colour to show through in places as I think it adds to the depth. You can see that I’ve also gone over the whole tree with a felting needle to make sure that I really got the definition I was after. I then wet felted again.

The cones are attached by a few couching stitches. As they’re quite brittle and therefore fragile I don’t think they’ll last for ever on this piece but it’ll still look good long after they’ve gone. It’s strange, I wasn’t expecting to like this tree so much but it’s one of the items I like most in my recent work.