Twiddle mitts

Also, sometimes called twiddle muffs. I don’t know where the idea originated but they’re in use around the country by the NHS and nursing homes. People with alzheimers often have restless hands and like things to twiddle with. The muffs are knitted / crocheted cylinders with lots of interesting textures and bits to twiddle with.


Very easy to knit or crochet. Working with either a chunky yarn or two double knit yarns together cast on 40 stitches and knit/crochet until your work is 24 inches long.


You can see in the picture above that I crocheted this one and included some popcorn stitches and some holes for exploring fingers. Where I changed colour I’ve left the ends as a short fringe and I’ve included some dangling felt balls.


Buttons of different sizes and textures plus ribbon.


Crocheted flowers and felt leaves.


Plastic loops, wooden beads and even a bit of surface embroidery. Once these are on you can pull one end of the cylinder inside and then stitch the ends closed. You’ll have a 12″ long muff with bits and bobs on both inside and outside. Of course it’s reversible and I made sure everything I put on is washable too.

Lots of visual interest, lots of textural interest and it keeps hands warm! In fact, I’m sure I know a few folks without alzheimers who’d enjoy having warm hands. My first two mitts have gone to relatives of family and friends who suffer from this cruel disease, future ones will be gifted to my local hospital but I think I may offer them to a local nuring home too.

Whay not have a go, there is loads of inspiration on the internet and it’s great for stash busting. A quick look at images on Bing has already got me planning more.