Woolfest 2016

We had a great time at Woolfest last week, the weather was mostly very kind and sunny, we even stopped for a picnic by Bassenthwaite lake on the way there. It was especially kind on the Saturday night when it held off raining hard until we’d packed the van!

On the Saturday morning we had a time for a very quick look round and I just had to take these few photos.


Very sweet Herdwicks, they seemed a little shy but they’re so lovable.


Hebridean sheep resolutely refused to pose for us.


This Ryeland is adorable, I wanted to bring her home.

We had a run in with a swallow whilst there. There was a nest not too far away, right over one of the aisles, lots of opportunity to dive bomb visitors you’d think except, the cheeky chap preferred to sit on the blue piping above our stall. Nine hits he scored over the two days, 5 on the tablecloth, one on the shelving and three direct hits on fibre (his aim was improving). We counted ourselves lucky we remained untargeted.


I went to Cockermouth today for Woolfest. Usually, I’m so virtuous taking with me a list of items that I need and not buying anything else, not quite sure what went wrong today. I intended to buy this recycled plastic fibre, it makes great sheep and clouds.

I intended to buy this crab fibre. Soft, silky but with a ‘funny’ odour, I’ll let you know how it felts in.

BUT then I was tempted into these coloured nepps, they’re great for adding texture

and ditto these Gotland curls – lovely colour

Imagine my surprise when I was further tempted to this hand dyed Merino in fabulous soft shades so unlike my usual brights

AND then these Polwarth fibres. Polwarth is a breed created by crossing a Merino with a Blue Faced Leicester and then that sheep with a Merino. The fibres are soft and slightly lustrous – I’ll let you know how they felt.


My big fall from grace happened in the first five minutes when I bought …………………….. an organic  Gotland sheepskin rug

Aren’t these the most fabulous curls and so soft to the touch. I can’t bear to put it on the floor so it’s on the sofa where I can snuggle up to it. My wonderful husband took all this in his stride for which I’m very thankful.