Low Relief Workshop

Another good day on Saturday when we looked at creating felt with low relief. There are a number of ways to create low relief including; manipulating the felt with pleats, building the layers with pre-felts to create depth, cutting back and including items like heavy string between the layers.

It gives really lovely effects to your work as can be seen above. The muffin of the day was cherry and chocolate chip which I’m not sure worked terribly well. Cherry nice, chocolate chip nice, combined – hmmm not so sure.

Flower Workshop

We had a very productive day yesterday and great fun with the flowers. So many were made that I’ve just chosen the best photos to show the flowers off.

Would you believe that three of the people have never made felt before? It’s true and everyone did so well with the flowers that I’d be proud to wear any of them. Brilliant day.

Fab bags

Yesterday’s workshop was great fun with a really lovely bunch of people. As it was the first bag for everyone we kept it simple with basic shapes and integral handles.

I think the next step will be to run an advanced bag making day where we can explore internal and external pockets and different shapes. I’m sure I’d enjoy it too and thank you very much for helping to tidy away ladies.

Flower workshop

It’s a few days since the actual workshop but this has been my first opportunity to show you what we made.

I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ll look fabulous with beaded centres and attached to bags, hats or coats. We used different techniques to make the flowers and included some fabrics and threads to give extra texture and detail. The key to achieving specific shapes without the need for excessive cutting is to be careful with how you lay your fibres out. The final two flowers are examples of a technique of multi layered flowers without the need for stitching the layers together.

There’s one which is destined to take a part in Halloween celebrations, I’ll let you work out which one. Although it’s not a flower you can see the same technique was applied to making the brown leaf which I think is lovely. What a talented bunch they were.

Stitched in felt workshop

Bad weather may have been forecast for the weekend but fortunately Saturday was fine and dry. Indoors in the workshop we were also in a very creative mood. We began by stitching into fabrics which were then attached to the fibres during the wet and set stage. We stopped at pre-felt and stitched again before finishing the felting process.

The pictures show work before the wet and set stage. If you stitch into fabric before you begin the stitches will become part of the background pattern. If stitched at pre-felt stage, the stitches sink in but can still be seen and felt. For real texture, stitch after felting has been completed. It’s amazing how rich you can make your finished pieces.

Bags of bags

It was a lovely group of people last week and some fabulous bags as I’m sure you’ll agree.

One of the people who attended was Christine who was kind enough to say “Thanks. I meant to say how much I enjoyed the workshop on Thursday. I never knew felt could be so exciting.” That made my day 🙂