New workshops

My list of workshops for 2018 is now available here. My apologies folks but due to the large number of wool shows later in the year I won’t be running any workshops in the Autumn so it’s all happening in winter and spring.

Friday 16th February – Felt pots.  We’ll be working with British wool, in natural white, with lots of silk and plant fibre embellishments to create a simple but stunning felt pot / vessel. Using a resist, your pot will be seamless, made from fluffy wool fibres yet able to stand alone. Wool is an amazing material

Friday 13th April – Nuno scarf and brooch.  Wool and silk nuno felt scarf and brooch. Nuno felt is beautiful and light for the coming summer months and is great at dressing up an outfit. We’ll be using silk chiffon with super soft Merino wool and silk embellishments.

Tuesday 15th May – Textured felt vessels.   Not only will you be making a seamless felted vessel but we’ll be loading on lots of texture with extra flaps and fabrics. Fabrics will include silk, organza, muslin, scrim and velvet

Friday 8th June – Felt pods.  Beautiful and seamless hanging pods to grace any space.indoors or out. We’ll be working with British wool, Merino wool and lots of texture including silks and plant fibres.

Tuesday 3rd July – Small felt rug.  Using British wool fibres we’ll make a small bedside rug in a day including a design using prefelts and roving

You can book online, or to pay by cheque contact me by email or on 07745 160090.


2017 Workshops

You may already have noticed I have listed some workshops for this year. As I said in my last newsletter, with working at wool shows and trying to find the time to visit our daughter at university, free weekends have become a scarcity. With this in mind all workshops this year will be mid week. My sincere apologies to those for whom this is a convenience but I really feel my sanity demands it!

This spring I wanted to focus on mainly British wool in the workshops, there’s so much more than Merino out there and British wool is the best, so come along and explore it with me.

British wool pots on Thursday 2nd March at Clifton Village Hall, Otley. We’ll make two small pots so an opportunity to try a couple of different wools, experience the texture, how the wool behaves. Cost is £50 including all materials.

British wool bags on Wednesday 22nd March at Clifton Village Hall, Otley. We’ll be keeping it simple for those new to feltmaking but for the more experienced we’ll be including interior and exterior pockets. The right wool is so much more hard wearing than the softer Merino. Cost is £50 including materials

Needle felted elephant on Monday 3rd April which’ll be held at Adelaide Walker in Addingham. In this workshop we’ll be using carded Bergschaf wool which comes in 5 natural shades or choose from the luscious dyed colours. Cost is £25 including materials.

British wool book cover on Thursday 27th April at Clifton Village Hall, Otley. Combining felt and stitch, no knowledge of embroidery is required a simple running stitch can be all it takes and it creates a lovely texture on the cover which can be reused for years.

British wool nuno scarf and flower on Wednesday 14th June at Clifton Village Hall, Otley. Combining wool and silk chiffon through the felting process to create a luxurious, yet lightweight, wool and silk scarf, perfect for the warmer weather.

All workshops can be booked direct or to pay by cheque please contact me.


New workshops

I’ve just added in an extra couple of workshops next month. Choose from learning to spin by creating your own yarn with a drop spindle or making a bunting garland for use on celebratory/festive days or just everyday.


More workshops will be added soon.

Autumn workshops

New mid week workshops added for the Autumn

Friday 7th September

Needle felting is a dry felting process which we’ll be using to create a basic 3D figure. It’s so much fun to see it come alive in your hands. This is one of the figures from the last workshop, isn’t it great.

Thursday 4th October

Learn how to make a felt vase without seams and a small box with a lid. There’ll be a range of natural and dyed British wools on offer.  Boxes with lids is a new addition to this workshop.

Friday 9th November

An introduction to dyeing wool and silk fibres using acid dyes. You will need to bring rubber gloves and a dust mask. A brand new workshop covering steam and immersion dyeing.

Thursday 6th December

Nuno and pure wool felt fingerless hand warmers and short scarves, perfect for winter.

As soon as I have the dates confirmed with the village hall I’ll announce the Saturday workshops too.


New workshops

I hope it’s less wet where you live, we’ve had to get the scuba gear out this week! Without more ado,
new workshops for your delectation.

Sat 19th Nov – mixed media and texture – one place now available

Sat 4th Feb – felt bags with integral handles and flap. For more advanced felters we’ll add internal and external pockets.

Wed 29th Feb – introduction to needle felting – a simple 3D creature

Sat 3rd March – slippers, moulded to your own feet. This is deifinitely wet felting and you will need to be able to bend your leg onto your knee to enable the moulding to happen.

Thurs 22nd Mar – stitched in felt – amalgamting simple stitch with felt making to create a beautiful book cover or picture. If you can do a simple running stitch, you can do this workshop.

Sat 21st April – nuno felt scarves – the art of combining silk chiffon and wool fibrre to create unique scarves

Fri 11th May – low relief and texture – put more into your felt and raise it up.

Sat 19th May – felt rug in a day – smaller than I usually make but fiished in a day and you’ll learn all the traditional techniques along the way.

Thurs 14th June – felt jewellery, beads, brooch, bangle and pendant.

Sorry folks, you’ll notice that prices have risen for the first time in over 18 months, this is a direct result of ever climbing wool prices. Nuno scarves and felt rugs are slightly more expensive to reflect the extra cost of materials for these workshops.

Thanks to all those who’ve been to workshops this year, I hope you’ll come back soon and that
I’ll get to see some new faces too. Be warned, felting is addictive!

3D workshops

Next weekend I have two days of 3D workshops in which you can choose to make several smaller items or one larger item per day. As the technique for 3D is very similar on all items I can offer you the choice of creating bags


or pods and other abstract 3D structures.

There will be fifteen different British fibres to work with, try one or try them all!  Most are natural undyed colours but there will be some dyed Blue Faced Leicester and Swaledale to choose from. Choose to book one day or book both. If you book two days you can make different items on each day or work on one extra large one!!

Felt picture workshops

I’ve run a couple of picture workshops from my home studio in the last ten days and I have to say that people have produced some beautiful work.

The first piece from Margaret was inspired by Hockney and is clean, colourful and well executed. The second is a leaf and I think Judith was very brave to have a go at giving it a 3D element and also very successful.

The moor landscape by Rose was her first piece of felt, didn’t she do well. The impressionist feel suits felt making very well. This final one has absolutely grogeous colours and Mary worked extremely hard to get the lines and colours right. I think it’s stunning. There were more but as usual I was so busy admiring, discussing and saying goodbye that I forgot to take photos. You know who you are, it would be nice if you could send me a photo of your work as they all deserve to be seen here. It’s been a privilege to work with these two groups and I’m looking forward to the flower workshop today.

Thanks for sending this picture in Anne. This cushion panel was inspired by a picture and the recycled plastic fibres have made great sheep. Another success.

Online booking is here!

My deeply fabulous, handsome and talented husband, who did not type this himself, honest, has provided yet another life enhancing improvement to my website (or at least that’s what he calls it). You can now book a place (or two) on my workshops online, and pay via Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account, it allows payment by debit or credit card. Availability on each workshop is updated automatically so you can be sure that there are places available, unless it says it’s fully booked.

I hope it’ll make booking easier for those who prefer the convenience of online booking. If you need to pay by cheque instead, that’s fine too.


I’ve run a couple of workshops lately and been pleasantly, in fact, very pleasantly surprised to receive the following feedback:

“Just a note to thank you for introducing me to felt making. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop & hope to pursue the scarf theme though it may take some time for me to be able to do much in view of what remains to sort out in the house!” Jose (Cobweb scarf workshop)

“Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful course. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I feel like I’ve opened a little door which I now want to push wide open! I’ve been walking around showing off my two pieces feeling very chuffed with myself. I’m already thinking of other projects I want to do. It was very kind of you to point out that I can be creative as I now feel inspired and more confident in trying some more ideas.” Mel (Texture workshop)

That was so nice of you to say so – thanks!