Last workshop of the year

Fittingly, it was a felt wreath workshop, a busy but very productive and successful day. The hall was trimmed for the festive season which added to the ambience.


The misteltoe wreath below is by Zoe and the addition of the robin with the red breast enabled her to use a red ribbon for hanging. That little flash of red amongst all the green and white works very well.



Next up is from Suzi. This wreath is very calm with it’s colour choice and yet the spirals give it such energy. Try as hard as she might, the  wreath resisted all attempts to have any extra bits added so all the shop bought lovelies, with the exception of one small bark bird, stayed in their bags! Perhaps they’ll make it onto the next one. The hanging mechanism is a handmade cord made from handpsun yarn.



On first sight I wasn’t won over by the face on the little brd brought in by Claire but Oh the tail!!  You have to love it for the tail. Roses in bright red, maroon with red sparkle angelina and old gold Merino.



Mandy worked in a similar colour palette but added white roses to the mix which worked very well. I also like the way the spirals have been arranged into a fan creating a real strong focal point.



Lynne (I hope I’ve spelt this correctly, please forgive me if I haven’t) wanted a wreath that was quite simple and unfussy so although there’s a lot of items on here their placement has achieved the look she was after. Again, the one flash of red lifts it and allowed her to use a red hanging ribbon.


I asked what colours people wanted to work in on the wreath as I needed to card the fibre in advance and did wonder what a purple wreath would look like. Well, I think it’s stunning. Rachel did a fantastic job with her colour combinations and despite or maybe because of  her angst over colours, placement of items and how much to put on, it all worked very well.



Francesca also surprised me with her colour choice by asking for teal but went on to add that she would put red and orange roses with it which I knew would be a stunning colour combination. Turning up with a large bag full of baubles  enabled her to choose a good mix of colours and there were plenty of the appropriate size for the wreath. This wreath is glorious fun!



Mainly, people need to be encouraged to put more on a wreath, everyone remembers the adage less is more but sometimes more is more. You don’t need to cover the whole wreath but where you do place items they need to look abundant. There’s something about wreaths, I definitely need to make one for our shop and am now planning another workshop in my head.

Thanks ladies for a brilliant day and thanks very much for help with tidying away, have a great Christmas.

Wreath workshop

It was a very good day at the wreath workshop yesterday. Initially it was fully booked then one dropped out, a replacement was found and then a second person had to drop out. Fortunately I filled the space again and it all went ahead as planned along with much hilarity in the first hour as we worked together to create felts with angelina fibres incorporated and carded fibres to cover the polystyrene rings. In fact they were having way too much fun without me when I had to leave the room to iron the felts!

Without more ado here is the first wreath from Susan, along with a close up.



The red stripe around the wreath is a mohair yarn, it’s restrained but very stylish. Next up is a gold number from Heather.



The gold beading in the centre was brought along by Heather. I think the contrast with the softness of the felt really works and who can resist a little bling at Christmas.



The cones and the cinnamon in the wreath by Ruth give it a real warm rich feeling. My favourite part is the three ribbons hanging in the centre adding a little fun to the season.



It’s the fullness in the foliage and the addition of a small bauble that makes this wreath from Helen so successful. I enjoyed this workshop and look forward to when I can repeat it next year. As soon as I can I’ll show you the samples I made for this workshop.