Sewing box delights

When I was growing up my Grandma’s sewing box was always out and in use then it passed to Mum, who did sew but not a huge amount and then not at all in recent years. Now Gran and Mum have both gone the box has passed to me. It’s a sad reason for the box to pass on but the box has brought pleasure with it. There were quite a few buttons, so much so that my button stash now occupies two tin boxes.



I don’t recall ever seeing these folding scissors before and they still cut quite well. Next will be for me to research how I can bring them back to their former glory as they will be very useful. The next item I correctly guessed as a glove darner.

Don’t ever remember seeing this in use either.  A few rug tools were discovered too and I do remember Gran using those – lots. This next one has a huge eye at one end and a crochet type hook at the other. Is this something to do with rug making, does anyone know?


Now this one really has me stumped. What is it, what is it used for? I do hope someone can help.


Finally, is this last one a laying tool? It has a kink in the shaft and it’s unclear if that’s deliberate or an accident.


The box which contained these treasures now has pride of place in my hall and I wait with bated breath to see if you can assist with identifying these last 2 tools.

Edited to add – Wow, you’ve done well at identifying the last two items. The flat wooden one is a thread winder and there are lots of versions if you take a look at google images. Thanks Kate and Rosie. The final item isn’t a proddy but a fid. The very tip was bunged up but I’ve had it under a magnifier and there is a hollow channel all the way down it. You can pull the metal out of the handle to thread something through and then the bend prevents it being forced too far back into the handle. Thank you so much Lorna for identifying it.  That just leaves the large needle with the crochet hook end which I’ve identified as a locker hook. These are the primary tool for making anchored loop rugs.