Nuno + devore

I’m running a nuno devore wrap workshop in December and have been playing around with samples. This latest one is a charity shop find, no label but I believe it to be wholly synthetic.


A silk/viscose mix would have been better. It’s a blue grey in colour although the later photos show it as more blue. I thought it was quite pretty if a little short.


I carded up a mix of black, navy and cornflower Merino from Adelaide Walker and added some dyed throwsters silk waste for extra interest. As the scarf was so short I laid the fibres going across the scarf meaning that it would get narrower but not shorter. To compensate I also added a wool border right around the fabric making it wider and longer.


You can see from the way the scarf has crinkled that I laid the fibres in one direction.


I’m really rather enjoying the texture and weight of this scarf. The carded Merino colours compliment it beautifully.


It’s amazing how few devore, especially silk devore, scarves end up in charity shops. I know I can buy fabric by the metre but I don’t want all my samples the same so I will continue to explore the shops and see what I come across.


I can feel a non devore wrap coming on – must dash and play. Byeee