It was busy and great fun at Yarndale at the weekend. I saw so many people I knew and had so little time to talk to any of them beyond an hello and catch you later type conversation which was a pity. This time I did manage some photos of the event though and I’ve shared lots of them on the Adelaide Walker facebook page but here’s a few I saved for you. I loved this stall by HanneMADE, very calming, very interesting.


These crocheted animals which are from a book called Edward’s Menagerie seemed to be very popular and looked great with so many of them hanging around!



This fun figure was visible from all over the auction mart. It belongs to the local yarn shop who originally made it for when the Tour de France was in town but it’s now accompnaying them as they get out and about. There are plans for a Christmas outfit I’m told.


Finally, this autumnal hanging from the Embroiderers Guild caught my eye and I have to admit I didn’t get the name of the maker but I fell in love with the colours and texture.


Yarndale will be back again next year on the last weekend in September.

Yarndale and Adelaide Walker

Last week my life was entirely taken over by preparations for Yarndale and Masham Sheep Fair. We weighed out wool and packed like mad things. On Friday we set up the stall ready for an astoundingly busy Saturday and a more relaxed Sunday. You can see more photos of the event on our Adelaide Walker facebook page. It was fortunate that we could actually manage to split ourselves between the two shows and weren’t forced to choose. Here’s my favourite shot from Yarndale.


Hubby was working the Yarndale stall with me so our daughter spent quite a lot of time alone at the weekend. Other than an overdose of TV she also managed to do some homework and we were greeted by this fabulous sheep cake on our return. Yum


Yvonne has now retiredย  from Adelaide Walker and Hubby Simon has become my new business partner necessitating extra time at the mill over the last few days, but my felting life resumes tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚